Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring are special fortresses and areas with significant challenge and exploration rewards. Legacy Dungeons are speculated to be the home to the Lords, and players will access them to challenge the Bosses that dwell within and obtain pieces of the Elden Ring.

List of Legacy Dungeons

The full list of legacy dungeons will fill up for the game's release. This page contains pre-release information gathered from previews of the game.

  • Stormveil Castle


Legacy Dungeons Bosses

  • Godrick the Golden


Legacy Dungeon Loot

  • None Known


Legacy Dungeon Hazards

  • Exploding Barrels


Legacy Dungeon Enemies

  • Lightly Armored Humanoid Soldiers
  • Unarmored Humanoid Attendants
  • Robed Humanoid Casters
  • Fully Armored Humanoid Knights
  • Trolls
  • Goblins
  • Flying Blade-Talon Eagles
  • Dragon


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