Golden Rune [12]

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Use to gain a great many runes
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Golden Rune [12] is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring that grants 7,500 item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px Runes upon use.


Grace that dwells within the inhabitants of the Lands Between; the lingering residue of gold.

Use to gain 7500 runes.

The grace of gold blessed those who were first to serve it with the most vivid coloration.


Where to find Golden Rune [12] in Elden Ring

  • Fort Faroth: on a dead body hanging from the wooden platform above the room with the Giant Bats. [Map Link]
  • Divine Tower of Caelid: on a dead body in the central area. [Map Link]
  • Leyndell Royal Capital: The second body on the staircase in the main road. [Map Link]
  • Altus Plateau: Dropped by a Wandering Noble holding a Treasure chest. These treasurer nobles are known to drop Golden Runes. This is a one-time drop. [Map Link]
  • Volcano Manor: On a corpse below a windowsill, at the rear exit of the Temple of Eiglay. To reach it you defeat Godskin Noble and take the lift to the 2nd floor. 
  • Crumbling Farum Azula - A total of 8 can be found in this region:
    1. Found on a corpse hanging off a crumbled ledge outside of the large building next to the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace. This can be reached through an exit in the northwest section of the building. [Map Link]
    2. After dropping down the pit into a narrow hallway in the heavily-ruined section leading to the Dragon Temple, ignore the first archway on the left and enter the second one instead. The rune is on a corpse at the edge of the crumbled section here. [Map Link]
    3. Found on the broken spiral staircase in the center of the Dragon Temple. Requires circling around the back of the temple in the east to reach it. From the Dragon Temple site of grace, head inside the archway and turn right then down the stairs on the left. Take another right and then a left into a long hallway that leads to a semi-open area with pillars and a set of stairs on the left. Head up the stairs and follow the hallway to a crumbled section where you can jump onto the aforementioned spiral staircase. The rune is found on a corpse on the top end of it. [Map Link]
    4. Found on an upper level east of the fountain plaza. This is in an upper area accessed after ascending the Dragon Temple Lift northwest of the temple. From the lift, head east and down the stairs past a tree. Climb up the ledges at the end of the path to reach the upper level and head south. The rune is found on a corpse under a tree in this area. [Map Link]
    5. Found on a corpse at the edge of some floating debris in the northern section of the region. From the Dragon Temple Lift site of grace, take the lift back down and then head east and down the spiral staircase. Around halfway down the steps where you see some broken railings, jump off the edge to a series of floating debris below. Look for one of the chunks facing southward to find the corpse holding the rune. [Map Link]
    6. Found on a corpse in the upper crumbled segment west of the Dragon Temple, right next to where Alexander is standing if you followed his questline. To get up here, you need to ascend the Dragon Temple Lift northwest of the temple and then head south from the fountain plaza until you reach the Phantom Tree surrounded by pillars. From here, head west and use the top of another group of pillars to make your way to the start of the upper crumbled section. [Map Link
    7. Found on a corpse in front of a stationary Farum Azula Dragon sitting at the back of the plaza southeast of the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace. The dragon is constantly raining red lightning around the area. [Map LinkVideo Location
    8. Found on a corpse inside a building far to the bottom of the plaza southeast from the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace. This building can be reached by dropping down a series of cliffs east of the plaza. [Map Link] Video Location
    9. Video Location
    10. Video Location
    11. Video Location
    12. Video Location
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    15. Video Location
  • Mohgwyn Palace: One found on a corpse in the dry section north of the blood marsh. [Map Link]
  • Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree: Found on a corpse in front of an Imp Statue seal in the lower levels. [Map Link]
  • Within Dragonbarrow Cave in Caelid, held by a corpse. [Map Link]
  • Consecrated Snowfield (Southeast Apostate Derelict):  Found on a corpse draped over the cliffs overlooking frozen lake southeast of this of the Apostate Derelict. [Map Link]
  • Video Location, Nokron
  • Video Location
  • Video Location
  • Video Location, Halligtree
  • Video Location, Halligtree
  • Video Location, Halligtree
  • Video Location, Halligtree
  • Video Location, Halligtree


Golden Rune [12] use in Elden Ring

Golden Rune [12] can be used as a quick item (or directly from the inventory) to gain 7500 Runes. Alternatively, it can be sold to a merchant for the same value.


Elden Ring Golden Rune [12] Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 99 Golden Rune [12].
  • You can store up to 600 Golden Rune [12].
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px7500
  • Rune values:


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