Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

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Type Great Rune
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Can be used to mend the shattered Elden Ring

Mending Rune of the Death-Prince is a Great Rune in Elden Ring. Unlike most other Great Runes, it can't be equipped. Its only effect is to alter the ending of the game.


Rune gestated by Fia, the Deathbed Companion.
Used to restore the fractured Elden Ring when brandished by the Elden Lord.

Formed of the two hallowbrand half-wheels combined, it will embed the principle of life within Death into Order.

The Golden Order was created by confining Destined Death. Thus, this new Order will be one of Death restored.


Where to find Mending Rune of the Death-Prince in Elden Ring

Awarded to the player by Fia after completing her questline: 

After obtaining the Cursemark of Death from Divine Tower of Liurnia, bring to Fia in the Deeproot Depths. Reload the area to find her sleeping, then interact with her to trigger the Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight. Defeat it, and return to find the Rune on Fia's corpse. [Elden Ring Map Link]


Elden Ring Mending Rune of the Death-Prince Use

Grants access to an alternative ending after defeating the final boss. See Endings page.  


Elden Ring Mending Rune of the Death-Prince Notes & Tips

Obtaining this item will not affect any other ending. 



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    • Anonymous

      Anybody else notice that Fia never is shown to walk or stand. Like she has frail legs? She obviously can move around, but we know she heavily relies on teleportation. Most characters with frail legs still manage to crawl around short distances.

      Notably failed life mutation and creation is associated with frail legs. The Juvenile Scholars, Albinaurics, Wyverns and Dragon-Kin all share this trait. They still manage to crawl, but they can’t walk. Miquella obviously has frail health as well. His statue in the Haligtree has him hugging his sister while sitting down. It is safe to call his adult form a ‘failed transformation.’

      She even offers the player the Sacrificial Twig:

      “Believed to be a twig pruned from the Erdtree long, long ago.”

      The white coloration mimics St. Trina items. Which are all likely weapons crafted by Miquella

      She was protected by Rogier. A Dexterity-based character that lost his mobility to disease. We even receive allusions to Rogier getting through the castle through running past enemies.

      Fia even looks like an offshoot of Marika. It’s a bit bizarre.

      The way Miquella’s is seen by what looks like a ‘Shadow Erdtree’ in the DLC image just enhances this.

      There might be more to Fia than meets the eye?

      Notably she dies healing the rune of death, but she doesn’t succumb to death root? So she is capable of reincarnation?

      She formed the capability through contact with Godwyn? In her land, cuddling with the living brings life back to long dead heroes. Perhaps her connection to Miquella is that her order might be the only way to resurrect Godwyn? Perhaps it is why Miquella broke away from Golden Order Fundamentalism?

      What each Elden Ring Ending implies is left unfortunately vague.

      • Anonymous

        What I believe the Mending Rune of the Prince of Death does:

        I would enshrine Life in Death as part of the Order and also 'restore Death'.I take that to mean that noone is immortal anymore, but Dead people can still live. But also die, because they are not immortal, but also live again, because life in death and so.

        So everyone is and isn't immortal at once. Sounds nice.

        Also I would restore the Elden Ring and it wouldn't be shattered anymore.

        The Reason I believe the Restoration of destined Death to be the Eradication of Immortality, is because the Golden Order sealed away destined Death to make the Demi-Gods and Gods immortal. Therefore by restoring destined Death noone, not even the Gods, would be immortal.

        • Anonymous

          What I believe the Mending Rune of the Prince of Death does:

          I would enshrine Life in Death as part of the Order and also 'restore (destined) Death'. I take that to mean that noone is immortal anymore, but Dead people can still live. But also die, because they are not immortal, but also live again, because life in death and so.

          So everyone is and isn't immortal at once. Sounds nice. Very goofy.

          Also I would restore the Elden Ring.

          Clarification: The Reason I believe the term 'restore Death' to mean, that noone is immortal anymore, is because the Golden Order sealed destined Death away to make the Gods and the Demi-Gods immortal. So by restoring destined Death everyone would go back to being mortal.

          • Anonymous

            I don't think this ending means that normal death will be restored to the lands but rather those who live in death become a normal part of society and that the lines between life and death will be become blurred, like spirits going in and out of afterlife if that makes sense.

            • Anonymous

              1. "Embed life within death (undead) into [the Golden] Order." Undead beings are no longer "in opposition" to the golden order, so there is no reason to hunt, kill, or discriminate against them.
              2. "This new Order will be one of Death Restored." With destined death returned to the elden ring, and the Erdtree burned away, Erdtree burials will stop and as a consequence, the (souls, life-forces, idk) of the denizens of the lands between will no longer be absorbed by the Erdtree, a practice that I think was used to feed or otherwise empower the outer god known as the Greater Will. Perhaps this means a return to burning the dead in ghostflame with the help of death birds, or perhaps this means death happens in a more natural way without any magics.

              • Anonymous

                I wish these endings would change the after-game world. Like no respawns for death ending, flames abundant everywhere for the frenzied etc.

                • Anonymous

                  Man, it’s like they didn’t finish the whole story and just left it to us to put it all Together and finish the story for them…

                  • Anonymous

                    "It will embed the principle of life within death into order"
                    Does that mean everyone will eventually just turn into skeletons instead of reincarnation? Or does is basically just install an update to the Erdtree OS to fix the bug where dead people keep walking around

                    • Anonymous

                      This ending is still a big mysterie for me.
                      Doe Fia actually cure Those Who Live in Death by letting them die a true death? Because it says:
                      "The Golden Order was created by confining Destined Death. Thus, this new Order will be one of Death restored."
                      Also if the wants to revive Godwyn his Soul needs to either return or his body truly die. I wish we had a proper cutscene

                      • Anonymous

                        My theory is that this doesn't actually "restore death" in the traditional way, but essentially turns everyone into a zombie like Godwyn. So the soul will die, but the body lives.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you get this in your first play through and decide to go with a different ending, does this item carry over to ng+? Or would I have to do fia’s quest again?

                          • Anonymous

                            I think a thing that most people misinterpret about this ending is the relationship between death and the Erdtree. In the beginning, when the Rune of Death was part of the Elden Ring, Destined Death meant that people would die and never return. The removal of it and the establishment of the Golden Order meant that souls would return to the Erdtree and be revived/reborn through its grace. Those Who Live in Death, similar to Omens, are the souls of those who rejected or were rejected by the Erdtree. Instead of dissipated or awaiting reborn would become undead. And it's important to know that Fia's purposed as a Deathbed Companion meant that she was essentially a necromancer, taking the lifeforce of others and using to revive important people. This is what she wants to do with Godwyn, allow him to die a true death so that he may be resurrected in a sense. Her entire plan revolves around us using the Mending Rune to essentially hijack the cycle of death and rebirth. So yeah, I don't really consider that to be especially good, but that's just my opinion.

                            • Anonymous

                              So after watching Vaatis new video that explained the crucial detail about the concept of death in the fundamental Golden Order. The golden order isn’t holy vs Undead in the traditional sense as the only true death is inflicted by the Destined Death- removed from the Golden Order and hidden with Maliketh. The “death” which Golden Order allows is to shepherd the souls of the dead to the erdtree, to be “reborn” aka fed to the Elden Beast aka Greater Will for food. Basically the Erdtree is a parasite feeding on human souls and that’s why all the catacombs have tree roots in them. Life in death, as in the undead skeletons are the souls who didn’t reach the erdtree. That’s why Undeads are the anathema against Golden Order because they deny the Greater Will(our alien overlord) their souls thus they are hunted down with a zeal.

                              Fia’s endgame is to let undead reign supreme. No one shall feed souls to the erdtree any more

                              • Anonymous

                                imho the most sympathetic ending

                                people have speculated that the greater will has been using Erdtrees to harvest some kind of life force or energy from the lands between, as corpses are grafted into their roots and seem to give them nourishment life, while the Erdtrees themselves almost remind me of conduits for the greater will. It seems like the idea of hunting down and killing those who live in death comes from the fact that they serve no benefit to the greater will and don't have any real life-force or energy to offer, so they are shunned.

                                Then you have Godwyn himself who has become this grotesque new entity known as "The Prince of Death" after having his soul obliterated by Ranni and her Black Knives, Godwyn was one of the most beloved demigods and nothing in lore indicated he'd done anything to deserve his fate. Then the rune of death split, destroying Ranni's Body and Godwyn's Soul, and of course afterwards Marika shattered the Elden Ring in grief. But before that point the nature of death had already been tampered with to some degree, which might have had something to do with Godwyn's gnarly rebirth into The Death Prince.

                                It really does feel like this world's "curse of the undead" is more akin to the disabilities of the real world. For some reason our DNA can sometimes mess itself up by accident, we didn't choose our biology or ancestry or how we evolved; it just happened naturally. In Elden Ring; the people/creatures who inhabit the lands between may one day die and continue to "live" on as a corpse. For that they are considered abominations and there are entire orders dedicated to purging them from the world.

                                Why though? Could it be as simple as the idea/belief that everyone and everything should one day die and return to the Erdtree? And that living an existence outside of this holy cycle is blasphemous?

                                One of the Demigods along with a huge percentage of The Lands Between are already "living in death" They do not seem to have any malicious or heretical plans to ruin the earth or undo existence or to defy the order, they are merely believed to do so by existing passively, so in my mind it feels right to be giving them a new shot in a world that has literally been altered to suit them better. Godwyn might rise to his former glory one day as a new being/demigod, and those who live in death will no longer be rejected by their own world/gods for failing to act as a good enough source of nutrition for the Erdtree.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I strongly think that this item is mistranslated. It mixes up three concepts and pretends they're one. Destined death, life within death and "Death". Fia wants you to become protector of those who live in death and to spread "life within death" across the world by mending the ring with the rune whereas at the moment life within death is only achieved by coming in contact with the cursed remains of the death prince (big squid) that spread through the roots in the underground (as a concept, not a gameplay option).
                                  "Destined death" here is namedropping, nothing more. The rune has nothing to do with DD besides DD being what killed godwyn. DD was confined for its power of killing the beloved demigod sons of Marika, and was eventuallly stolen for that purpose. Did the act of confining it create another source of life within death? ...maybe? Who knows.
                                  Anyway, "Death restored" is what THE GOLDEN ORDER WANTS, as opposed to "life within death legalized". The golden order wants stuff to die when you kill it because it's innatural. D wants this, Corhyn wants this, not Fia.
                                  As matter of fact other language translations go like this "The old order was created by confining destined death. The new one will be a cycle of rebirth" which makes more sense than whatever the english version says.

                                  • About Ranni and Godwyn:
                                    I heard some people think Ranni tricked the Rune of Death but that wasn't the case imo:
                                    Yes, both Ranni and Godwyn died by the Rune of death, and I know Godwyn died in Soul only and Ranni (or Renna) died in Body alone. But I don't think it was her "splitting" the "target" of the Rune of Death and tricking it...
                                    I don't think Ranni really expected dying like tha,t but when it was starting she quickly abandoned her body - by sshedding her old skin like a snake. Iirc some item descriptions explain exactly that!
                                    My point is, I always saw the Double-Death that happened there : as a Brutal Backfire, Double Edge Curse of the Destined Death : She used it on Godwyn, but the Rune of Death was too powerful and also "infected" or "bitten" her in the process - which caused her death:
                                    "2 demigods died that night, while Ranni was the first to die in body, Godwyn died in Soul alone" or something like that...
                                    The Rune of Death was more than she could handle, but she managed to avoid its full effect, probably in the last moment, cheating death.
                                    Another way of looking at it possibly is: Godwyn was strong enough to avoid dying in body, so the Rune if Death targeted her weaker more vulnerable body instead - after already claiming his Soul. That's when Death was satisfied.
                                    This wasn't fully planned, imo.
                                    But Ranni made a last ditch sacrifice to escape Death, denying and defying her fate, until she could rise again.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      what I take is in this ending Godwyn takes the place of Marika inside the Erdtree and becomes a god of death

                                      • Anonymous

                                        i killed her, no real woman asks on her own if she can hold me. MUST be a trap.
                                        I achieved victory for all of you my friends!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          i killed her, no real woman asks on her own if she can hold me. MUST be a trap.
                                          I achieved victory for all of you my friends!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Will this overwrite any other endings? Im going for the ending with Renna and not sure if this will break that ending.

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