Sword Monuments

There are fourteen locations with hills of swords in Elden Ring. Each of these sword hills has one large sword with text on it. 

Limgrave, near the Agheel Lake North site of grace:site of grace icon

Godrick the Golden, humiliated
Having tasted defeat by the Blade of Miquella
Now on his knees, begging for mercy

Weeping Peninsula, near Castle Morne:

The siege of Castle Morne
A lone hero fights for his vengeance
Only to fall at the hand of Lord Godfrey

Liurnia of the Lakes, near Bellum Church:

The First Liurnian War
Radagon's glory burns red as his hair

Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Church of Vows:

The Second Liurnian War
No victory for the golden, nor for the moon
No prize but atonement; the birth of a vow

Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Liurnia Highway North site of grace: site of grace icon

This marks Malenia's southward march
The Blade of Miquella and her Cleanrot Knights
Grant her wings never to be clipped

Liurnia of the Lakes, near Caria Manor:

The resting place of the contemptible Cuckoos
Lost in the siege of Caria Manor

Caelid, near Smoldering Church:

Lord Godfrey, at last at the end of his campaign
His golden armies unvanquished and unbowed
Yet finds grace lost, tattered and faded

Caelid, near the Impassable Greatbridge site of grace:

The Starscourge Conflict
Radahn alone holds Sellia secure
And stands tall, to shatter the stars

Caelid, near the Caelid Highway North site of grace:site of grace icon

The Battle of Aeonia
Radahn and Malenia locked in stalemate
Then, the scarlet rot blooms

Altus Plateau, near the Rampartside Path site of grace:

The Routing of the Ancient Dragons
Godwyn the Golden fought to the last,
Earning the friendship of dread Fortissax

Altus Plateau, near the Altus Highway Junction site of grace:

The First Defense of Leyndell
A sovereign alliance rots from within
Traces yet remain of bloody conspiracy

Altus Plateau, near the Outer Wall Battleground site of grace: site of grace icon

The Second Defense of Leyndell
The Fell Omen stacks high the corpses of heroes
Yet the Erdtree remains unshaken

Mt Gelmir, near the Ninth Mount Gelmir Campsite site of grace:

The Assault on Volcano Manor
The squalid, the sick, the blasphemous;
a wretched, unending war with no glory

Mountaintop of the Giants, near the Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave:

The War against the Giants
Champions battle, trolls betray
Fire vanquished, the era of the Erdtree begins




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    • Anonymous

      Very Epic. The Order i think these took place:
      1) War Against The Giants: Here the start of the era of the Erdtree. Radagon gets cursed to have red hair
      2) Siege of Castle Morne: Godfrey fights stuff
      3) Routing of the Ancient Dragons: Godwyn befriends Fortissax, but Godfrey defeated Storm Lord. Probably his last worthy enemy.
      4) First Liurnian War: Radagon has red hair so its after the fight with the giants
      5) Second Liurnian War: Radagon and Rennala marry and have kids. Golden Order controls everything now.
      6) Godfrey, End of His Campaign: No more wars needed (or so Marika thought) so Godfrey and becomes Tarnished (banished)
      7) Siege of Caria Manor: Radagon divorces Rennala to become Elden Lord (marry Marika) shortly after Godfrey leaves. Rennala and becomes depressed, so the Raya Lucarians and their Cuckoo knights rebel against the Carians and so this Siege happens. Radahn and the other Radagon kids go to live with Marika (basically the step mom) at Leyndell and she raises them as her kids.
      8) Starscourge Conflict: This is after Radahn was raised as one of Marika's children in the capital. He eventually learns gravity magic from an alabaster lord at Selia and then defends the town from the stars (naturalborn of the void). He's a godfrey fan but probably never met him, or only met him when he was a kid.
      9) First Defense of Leyndell: Eventually knight of the black knives happens and then the shattering. Chaos ensues. Who fought who in what order is mostly unknown.
      10) Second Defense of Leyndell: Godrick attacked the capital either here or in the previous one and then flees.
      11)Assault on Volcano Manor: After succesfully defending the city twice, Leyndell attacks Mt Gelmir.
      12) Malenias March South: Malenia marches, probably from the Haligtree towards Caelid, thru Liurnia (neutral ground).
      13)Godrick Humiliated: After passing Liurnia she passes Limgrave and humiliates Godrick.
      14)Battle of Aeonia: Finally at Caelid. Everyone knows this battle Radahn vs Malenia, then Malenia Scarlet Rot Nukes the entire region. Final battle of the shattering.

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