Bone Arrow (Fletched)

bone arrow fletched elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 35
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive

Arrow Pierce

Bone Arrow (Fletched) is an Arrow in Elden Ring. Bone Arrow (Fletched) is a craftable ammo that can be used to inflict ranged damage. The feather fletchings add distance and accuracy to the standard bone arrow. It can also pierce enemies' armor. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Arrow whittled from thin animal bones. Craftable item.

The feather fletching adds distance to the arrow's flight.


Where to Find Bone Arrow (Fletched) in Elden Ring

Bone Arrow (Fletched) can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Bone Arrow (Fletched) Notes & Tips

  • The feather fletching adds distance and accuracy to the standard Bone Arrow
  • You can hold up to 99 Bone Arrow (Fletched)
  • You can store up to 600 Bone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 1


Bone Arrow (Fletched) Crafting Guide in Elden Ring

To craft Bone Arrow (Fletched) (x10) you would need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [1] as well as the following materials:


Elden Ring Bone Arrow (Fletched) Moveset & Videos 

  • Videos for the Bone Arrow (Fletched) Coming Soon


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    • Anonymous

      What’s the actual stat differences between fletched /non fletched

      I’m wondering if its actually worth it to spend twenty minutes farming hawks

      • Anonymous

        The must be a damage bug thing going on here. Against certain enemies it deals more damage than regular arrows even though the attack power is 35 (10 less than regular arrows). However, if I fire of a mighty shot it deals less damage for some reason. Doesn’t make sense.

        • This seems to have a different damage type than the normal arrow.

          I fired this at a miner alongside a normal arrow, and the bone arrow dealt its full damage while the normal arrow only dealt a fraction of its full damage.

          I was using a shortbow.

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