First-Generation Albinaurics are Humanoid Enemies in Elden RingFirst-Generation Albinaurics are said to have been artificial lifeforms that were made by humans.

First-Generation Albinaurics have a human-like appearance and a flawed pair of legs, which eventually give out and cause them to die soon after. One can be summoned using the Spirit Ashes of  Latenna The Albinauric.



 Albinaurics are lifeforms made by human hands. Thus, many believe them to live impure lives, untouched by the Erdtree's grace.


Elden Ring First-Generation Albinauric Locations

Where to Find First-Generation Albinaurics:

  • Several Albinauric Villagers can still be found moaning inside the Village of the Albinaurics in southwest Liurnia. Some Albinauric Mages can be found past the bridge leading away from the Village's well. [Map Link]
  • The player must encounter Albus, an NPC and Albinauric Villager, in order to reach the Consecrated Snowfield. He is also found in the Village of the Albinaurics, disguised as a large pot. It is recommended that the player defeat the nearby Depraved Perfumer before speaking to him.
  • Just outside of the Village of the Albinaurics, two Afflicted Albinaurics coughing up clouds of Poison can be found kneeling on the bank of the Poison swamp below the Village.
  • Plenty of Albinauric Mages can be found on the ground level of Caria Manor.
  • Pidia, Carian Servant is an Albinauric Mage who serves as a merchant and maintains the puppets in the Caria Manor.
  • Several Insane Albinaurics and Caged Albinaurics can be found in the dungeon of Volcano Manor.
  • A few Insane Albinaurics can be found in the lower levels of Leyndell Royal Capital, near the well that leads down into the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  • A few Insane Albinaurics and Caged Albinaurics can be found in Castle Sol, in the room leading up to the area immediately preceding the Boss Arena.
  • One Albinauric Archer can be found near the entrance to the Consecrated Snowfield, just outside the end of the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, riding her Direwolf.
  • Several Albinauric Archers can be found outside to the south of Ordina, Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Snowfield. One rides a Direwolf.


Elden Ring First-Generation Albinauric Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 66 - 4711
Black Dumpling 0.50% Dropped only by Insane Albinaurics.
Blue Silver Mail Hood 2.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
Blue Silver Mail Armor 2.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
Blue Silver Bracelets 2.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
Blue Silver Mail Skirt 2.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
Albinauric Bow 4.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
5x St. Trina's Arrows 2.50% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
5x Arrows 10.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Archers.
Glintstone Firefly 12.00% Dropped only by Albinauric Mages.
Albinauric Bloodclot 4.00% - 15.00% Albinauric Archers have a 15% chance to drop, while the rest have a 4% chance to drop.


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes

Albinauric Villager

Albinauric Villagers are found only in the Village of the Albinaurics. They wear a grungy white robe. Their only attack is to lunge at the player.

Albus, an NPC that allows access to both the Consecrated Snowfield and Miquella's Haligtree, is a non-hostile Albinauric Villager. He is disguised as a pot near a lone Depraved Perfumer.

Afflicted Albinauric
albinauric afflicted

Afflicted Albinaurics are only found on the swamp shores underneath the Village of the Albinaurics. They are naked except for the green moss that covers much of their body. They mostly just cough small clouds of Poison, but they can also attack.

Albinauric Mage
albinauric mage 1

Albinauric Mages are found in the Village of the Albinaurics, Caria Manor, and Volcano Manor. They can cast one sorcery,. They wear a brown cloak over their head and back, and wield an Albinauric Staff, though they do not drop it.

Pidia, a merchant found on the platform above the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace in Caria Manor, is a non-hostile Albinauric Mage.

Caged Albinauric
albinauric lookout

Caged Albinaurics are found in the Volcano Manor and Castle Sol. They are imprisoned, naked, in a wooden frame that constantly holds them in a kneeling position, though they are able to drag themselves forward. They can scream to alert nearby enemies of the player's presence. Many of them hang from the ceiling, but may make their cage drop to the floor once they notice the player. The player can also hit them to make them fall.

Insane Albinauric
albinauric black dumpling 2

Insane Albinaurics are found in the Volcano Manor, Leyndell Royal Capital, and Castle Sol. They wear brown rags and a Black Dumpling on their head, and their beard and mouth can be seen through it. Due to having been tortured to point of utter insanity, they are aggressive and fast, and can deal high damage to the player should they catch them in their grab attack, where they will tackle the player and bite them repeatedly.

Albinauric Archer

Albinauric Archers are almost only found in the Consecrated Snowfield, and mostly around Ordina, Liturgical Town. There are many in the Ordina Evergaol as well. They fire arrows at the player, and can even shoot a three-arrow burst. They can ride Direwolves, which can perform a Frost breath attack while mounted.

Latenna is an Albinauric Archer. She can be summoned with her Spirit Ashes.

First-Generation Albinauric Notes & Tips

  • The Insane Albinaurics are aggressive, and can do a lot of damage if they manage to grab and bite the player.
  • Latenna, Albus, and Pidia are all First-Generation Albinaurics. The Silver Mirrorshield item description mentions that it is rumored that Loretta is an Albinauric as well, though she bleeds red blood. It is possible that that is a design oversight, however, since she also makes the same grunts as the Tree Sentinels, as her design is based off of theirs.
  • Albinauric Mages do not drop the Albinauric Staff that they wield.
  • The other kind of Albinauric are the Second-Generation Albinaurics.


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    • Anonymous

      If you manage to sneak up on an Albinauric Mage in Caria manor, the mages can be heard muttering the following phrases/prayers (Voice lines are randomly cut short, only occasionally being played in full)
      "We speak to those who've forsaken us to this world"
      "all stars, all night, ALL fate"
      "Is there a way that she'll be able t'be forgiven? [inhale] no."
      "one serve her living thing"

      • Anonymous

        Insane Albinaurics are the #1 most annoying enemy. Really terrible design. Don't kill them immediately? Unblockable grab, 80% health gone. Terrible.

        • Anonymous

          The saddest ones are the albinaurics imprisoned in the little devices, but also most annoying. They scream and alert every enemy in the area

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