Many Armed Key Master

mani armed enemy elden ring wiki guide
Location Stormveil Castle
Drops 965 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes
Rusty Key
HP ??? (FOE)
Strong VS
Weak to

Many Armed Key Master is a Boss in Elden Ring. Many Armed Key Master is part of the Closed Network Test and is found in Stormveil Castle. This doesn't seem to be an optional boss as players must defeat it to advance further into the Legacy Dungeon.


 The Many Armed is the fierce guardian of the keys to Stormveil Castle, who can drive those around it mad by simply vocalizing

Many Armed Key Master Boss in Elden Ring

Many Armed Key Master is a Foe Boss found in Stormveil Castle

  • This is a Foe type enemy
  • Closest Site of Grace:
  • Is multiplayer allowed for this boss?
  • Spirit Ashes can be used for summons in this boss fight
  • The camera angle can make this fight difficult sometimes
  • Can inflict madness buildup


Where to find Many Armed Key Master in Elden Ring

Many Armed Key Master can be found by taking the side entrance to Stormveil Castle, and advancing to the second floor. He is in a medium-sized room and the door will lock behind you the first time you enter.

The Rusty Key dropped by this boss is used to open the locked door to the end of the network test



Many Armed Key Master Boss Guide for Elden Ring

Video Guide for Many Armed Key Master Boss

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Many Armed Key Master Fight Strategy

The Best Tips for Many Armed Key Master:

  • Make sure you have a good Shield because you will almost certainly need to Block
  • Back away when he screams so that you don't get Madness Build up
  • Keep your distance as much as you can since he attacks in long combos that are hard to Block without being guard broken.


Melee Strategy

The strategy for melee is to keep your distance and try to bait him into his jumping attack, rolling through this attack and hitting him a couple of times before resetting. The only other attack you can safely hit after is his spinning whirlwind attack, but this is hard to to Block and Dodge without taking damage so it can be hard to land attacks after.

He tends to hit in long erratic combos, so you cannot just hold Block and prevent damage. You'll need to mix in rolls to prevent being guard broken and to create separation so that you don't take damage. The tight spacing can make this difficult. If you have a Weapon Skill that has range, like the Glintsword Arch, then this fight is much easier.


Magic and Ranged Strategy

Keep your distance if you can and use your spells when he is NOT attacking to deal damage, and then Block and Roll to avoid his combos. Try to stay as far away as possible from him so that you have the most time to cast, and if you're having trouble getting Glintstone Stars off, switch to Glintstone Pebble for faster casting. It'll do less damage, but it's easier to fire off. Make sure you use a Shield in your off-hand.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter

Elden Ring Many Armed Key Master Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

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After Fight:

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