White Cipher Ring

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Type Reusable
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When invaded, request the aid of a hunter.

White Cipher Ring is a Multiplayer Item in Elden Ring. Multiplayer Items allow players to interact with each other in various ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, co-operative gameplay and competitve gameplay like PVP.


Item for online play.
(Can also be used from the Multiplayer menu.)
Allows you to automatically request for a hunter from another world to come to your rescue when your world is invaded.
(You may be unable to summon rescuers under certain circumstances).
A lost mystic code, enchanted to take the form of a ring.
One of the fetishes said to have been bestowed by the Two Fingers.


White Cipher Ring Location in Elden Ring

Where to find White Cipher Ring:

  • Available by default during the Network Test



Elden Ring White Cipher Ring Guide

  • Allows you to automatically send out requests for a hunter from another world to rescue you when you've been invaded by a Bloody Finger.
  • You can also use this after being invaded to summon a hunter for help. (Summoning rescuers may not always be possible.)



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    • Anonymous

      so let me get this straight, not only you are 2v1 a solo invader but you can also call the police with this thing.
      way to bend invaders over to always fight against 3v1

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