Isolated Merchant


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Location Isolated Merchant's Shack (Dragonbarrow)
Role  General Goods Shop
Voiced By  Mathew Marsh

Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow is an NPC and one of several Isolated Merchants in Elden RingIsolated Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing useful tips for the player. This Isolated Merchantt can be found at the Isolated Merchant's Shack in western Dragonbarrow.


Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow Location in Elden Ring

Found sitting in his shack at the very west of the Dragonbarrow. [Elden Ring Map here]


Elden Ring Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow Shop


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow


  • Well... It's been an age since I've seen a customer. How can I help, here at the end of the earth?


  • Back already? Unusual fellow aren't we? Did this aged merchant have something that caught your eye?
  • Have a safe journey.
  • Anything else for you?

When attacking him

  • Agh!
  • Enough of that. Surely you are no highwayman.
  • (Turning hostile) A pity, this. Our descent into madness.

Upon defeating him

  • Offed by a highwayman. I must've lost my touch.

When killed by

  • You've never heard? Of the swiftness of a wanderer's fury. 


  • ???


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow

  • Be wary of attacking, he is quite strong. 
  • Could prove a formidable foe for low level players looking to get his ball bearing early as he deals good damage and has very high HP calculated at 7334 in New Game.



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    • Anonymous

      Isolated Merchant, whom sells samurai armor, and his cape just so happens to be white and red? Yup, he's definitely a subtle nod to Japanese history.

      • Anonymous

        Spiked Caestus and Venomous Fang (which is found near here) are a ton of fun to use and can be obtained VERY early thanks to the teleporter behind the Church with the Flask of Wondrous Physick in it. Very low requirements for both. I used them heavily on my lvl 60 invasion character to deal with certain gatekeeper bosses. Poison and bleed were invaluable to getting through Morgott, Malformed Dragon Knight, and Godrick.

        • Anonymous

          Note: Gateway
          "Fort Gael in Caelid houses a gateway that leads to Redmane Castle."
          Note: Hidden Cave
          "There is a hidden cave in the town of Sellia. Look beyond the graveyard at the precipice."

          • Anonymous

            He actually drops his bell bearing, which you can give to the statues in Roundtable Hold to access his shop there. It seems like all these merchants drop a bell bearing, though I've only tested two

            • I met the invader right at the place where he sits. I killed all the nomads and made a teleport to this place.
              There was no merchant, but a red invader with the name "Merchant's Bell Hunter" appeared.

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