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Information about invasion multiplayer

About Invasion Multiplayer is an Info Item in Elden Ring. Tutorial items provide information about how to add Skills to your WeaponsCrafting advices, Combat tips, and more. They can be obtained through exploration and looting, dropped by specific Enemies or Bosses, or purchased from NPCs.

See PvP for detailed information on competitive multiplayer.


Where to find About Invasion Multiplayer in Elden Ring

  • Automatically added to inventory after concept introduction. The concept introduction is triggered after you receive your first Festering Bloody Finger from White Mask Varré at the Rose Church without possessing Festering Bloody Finger. If you have purchased it from Nomadic Merchant East Limgrave or if you have picked it up in Castle Stormveil, it will not be triggered, meaning you won't be able to obtain this Info Item, at least in the current journey. Whether this can make "About Invasion Multiplayer" unobtainable for your character in later journeys is to be tested.


Elden Ring About Invasion Multiplayer Tutorial Guide

  • Use Festering Bloody Finger to attempt to invade the world of another player.
  • The multiplayer session will begin once the invasion succeeds.
  • You will take the role of an invader (Bloody Finger) and your objective is to defeat the Host of Fingers of that world.
  • If you stray far from the Host of Fingers, the compass at the top of the screen points to their location.


Elden Ring About Invasion Multiplayer Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 1 About Invasion Multiplayer.
  • You cannot store About Invasion Multiplayer.
  • You cannot sell About Invasion Multiplayer.


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    • I think it's pretty effing sad that people spend their time literally sneaking up on people just to annihilate them. Bullies are just cowards, and all that is wrong with the world.

      • Anonymous

        Guys, I found the way: Went to Varré on my NG+ and I had some Festering Bloody Finger already. Didn't unlock the info item. Then I removed them from my inventory, talked to him a second time, picked them up again and... DONE. Hope it works for you as well!

        • Anonymous

          I have just tested how to get this with my ng+7 character which was missing the item. Before entering ng+8 I removed all the Festering Bloody Finger from my inventory and a chest, and rushed to kill Godrick and visit White Mask at Rose Church. Got it!

          • Anonymous

            So I'm uncertain how this is obtainable. It's the only "tutorial" I'm lacking, but nothing seems to trigger it. I've used the "Festering Finger" consumables, and no luck there. Considering the fact I've completed Varre's questline, and the Volcano Manor, it seems strange to not have it. I can confirm that, at least on my end, picking up, purchasing, and using the consumable didn't give the "tutorial", nor did being given it by Varre. The reusable versions don't seem to do it either. Is it confirmed this "tutorial" exists?

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