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Note imparting knowledge in brief

Note: Miquella's Needle is an Info Item in Elden Ring. Tutorial items provide information about how to add Skills to your WeaponsCrafting advices, Combat tips, and more. They can be obtained through exploration and looting, dropped by specific Enemies or Bosses, or purchased from NPCs


Note written by a nomadic merchant succinctly detailing knowledge acquired.

"The Empyrean Miquella crafted a needle to resist the influence of outer gods.

Those who have inherited the flame of frenzy, yet wish not to become its lord would do well to seek Miquella's needle."


Where to find Note: Miquella's Needle in Elden Ring

From the Cathedral of the Forsaken site of grace, made available after defeating Mohg, The Omen, attack the altar at the front of the boss room. It should lower itself revealing a new area. Continue through here until you are forced to parkour downwards using stone coffins as platforms. Near the bottom you will see a corpse that has an item on it. Carefully reach this platform and there will be an open area with more bodies and a tent. The Note can be looted off the ground after tent is destroyed. You can do that in 2 ways:
- Around the corner is a shambling Nomad. Lure him out to the tent and get him to destroy it with his Inescapable Frenzy attack.
- Quit-out while standing very close to tent and it will be destroyed after loading up. [Video Location]


Note: Miquella's Needle Guide in Elden Ring 

This note tells of Miquella's Needle, a remedy against the influence of the frenzied flame's influence.


Elden Ring Note: Miquella's Needle Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 1 Note: Miquella's Needle.
  • You cannot store Note: Miquella's Needle.
  • Sell Value: N/A
  • Notes and player tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      This was the only tent I couldn't get to break while quitting out and I already killed the enemy by the shield. So I decided to punch the one downstairs all the way to the tent and then quit. It worked.

      • Anonymous

        I got locked out of the normal ending in my first blind playthrough by doing too much exploring and the game is literally telling me "seek this needle in the colossal haystack that is the Lands Between to fix it" and its not even possible to get Melina back? Plus it is also possible to get locked out of the other endings anyway, even after that astronomically convoluted side quest, because of a bug in the dragon's arena that From still didn't fix? Man, i love this game, but, yeah, stupid bot* like this can really ruin someone's experience. Very dumb design IMO.

        • Anonymous

          Only way I could get tent to break was hold towards tent entire time as i was quitting game thru menu. Seems like when reload he runs into it and broke for me. Thanks for the tip!

          • Anonymous

            I had to force quit next to the tent, because that enemy just wouldn't aggro for some reason, it just stood there whenever I poked it.

            • Anonymous

              I died 50 times to reach the bottom, but I died only twice to get this back. I guess I'm skilled on suicide jumps now.

              • Anonymous

                I died 50 times to reach the bottom, but I died only twice to get this back. I guess I'm skilled on suicide jumps now.

                • In case you killed that 1 enemy around tent or can't be bothered with baiting its attacks you can just stand closely to tent and quit out. After loading up tent is destroyed. At least that was what I did to get this note.

                  • Anonymous

                    So I beat the dragon before getting the needle but when I beat the dragon I never sat at the grace after… so now that I have the needle I have no way of getting back to that place to use it.. fml it won’t even let me lay down in the spot like last time.

                    • Anonymous

                      Can you get this item after the lighting the tree on fire? I am in the City of Ash now, I have beaten it still accessable?

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