Gargoyle's Black Blades

gargoyles black blades twinblade weapon elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack
Phy 81
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 97
Crit 100
guarded damage negation elden ring wiki guide 18Guard
Phy 32
Mag 26
Fire 26
Ligt 26
Holy 59
Boost 32
attribute scaling elden ring wiki guide 18Scaling
Str C
Dex E
Fai D
attributes required elden ring wiki guide 18Requires
Str 18
Dex 15
Fai 22
Twinblade Standard / Pierce
Spinning Slash FP 6 ( - 12)
Wgt. 8.5 passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive -

Gargoyle's Black Blades is a Twinblade in Elden Ring. The Gargoyle's Black Blades scales primarily with StrengthDexterity, and Faith and is a good Weapon for inflicting holy damage. 


Bronze twinblade wielded by Valiant Gargoyles, mended with blackened corpse wax.
Deals holy damage.

Such is the mark of those who serve Maliketh, the Black Blade.


Where to Find Gargoyle's Black Blades in Elden Ring

The Gargoyle's Black Blades weapon can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Gargoyle's Black Blades Notes & Tips

  • Weapon Skill: Spinning Slash
  • This weapon cannot be infused with Ashes of War
  • Gargoyle's Black Blades can be upgraded by using Somber Smithing Stones
  • Cannot be buffed with magic or consumables.
  • Sell Value:  er runes 13 500
  • It has a generic weapon art which CAN’T be changed. Un-charged R2’s do more damage than the weapon art and does the same exact thing, so basically it’s like not having any weapon art at all.
  • Other notes and player tips go here


Moveset & Videos in Elden Ring for Gargoyle's Black Blades

  • Videos for the Gargoyle's Black Blades Coming Soon


Gargoyle's Black Blades Upgrades in Elden Ring

Please see the Upgrades page to understand the weapon bolstering process.

Requires regular reinforcement with Somber Smithing Stones

This upgrade can be enchanted with Magic or boosted with Consumables.

  Attack Power Stat Scaling Passive Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Gargoyle's Black Blades Phy Mag Fir Lit Hol Sta Str Dex Int Fai Arc Any Phy Mag Fir Lit Hol Bst Rst
Standard 81 - - - 97 50 C E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 32 16
Standard +1 92 - - - 111 55 C E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 32 16
Standard +2 104 - - - 125 60 C E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 32 16
Standard +3 116 - - - 139 65 C E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 32 16
Standard +4 127 - - - 153 70 C E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 33 16
Standard +5 139 - - - 167 75 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 33 16
Standard +6 151 - - - 181 80 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 33 16
Standard +7 163 - - - 195 85 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 34 16
Standard +8 174 - - - 209 90 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 34 16
Standard +9 186 - - - 223 95 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 34 16
Standard +10 198 - - - 237 100 B E - D - - 32 26 26 26 59 35 16




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    • Anonymous

      I do not see any use for this unless you use it as off hand weapon where it only exists to do power stance with the main hand and nothing more.

      However the fth requirement kills it too because the only reason to power stance twinblades is to get some sh*t stacking be it poison, blood, frost whatever. Not all arcane builds use fth as you know. And even if do use faith, the this is still useless as off hand because not all fth builds go for holy damage stuff either...

      • Anonymous

        The only way to really use this one is to have it in the left hand while dual wielding the non-infused one in the right

        • Anonymous

          If they can’t be infusable, I guess that’s fair. But at least make them unique weapons with their own skills. So cool when the Gargoyles use it, but we can’t?

          • This and the rest of the weapons in this suite should all be infusable. I have put many hours into Elden Ring, tested many builds, and the conclusion I'm drawing is that From released the game with many oversights in weapon mechanic design or the developers possess a fundamental hatred for weapons with natural scaling in almost anything being infusable. Why Miyazaki?

            • Anonymous

              Can't swap spinning slash again so many great animations its too bad to see this one reused& locked on multiple weapons

              • Anonymous

                STR/FTH build here. I normally powerstance Winged Scythe (L) and Heavy Grave Scythe (R), but when I need close quarters combat, I swap this bad boy into L and a Heavy Gargoyle's Twinblade in R and just absolutely shred. The set-ups mirror so well because R weapon remains ash-able/enchantable/greaseable. And the scaling affinities line up fairly well.

                • Anonymous

                  What’s most disappointing about this weapon is that it has a generic weapon art which CAN’T be changed. Un-charged R2’s do more damage than the weapon art and does the same exact thing, so basically it’s like not naving any weapon art at all.

                  • Anonymous

                    how are people complaining about this weapon? when maxed it has like 140+ higher base damage than all twinblades except Eleonora's (still nearly 100 more than that). with a twinblade moveset that's crazy because they hit fast. 440 damage per hit. before scaling.

                    • Why do all the black blade weapons have terrible weapon arts, the gargoyles literally use the life drain destined death moves with them, that's whole idea. Give us those moves on the damn weapons

                      • Anonymous

                        this really is one of those the boss when you fight it and the boss when you get it as a playable character, these looks so much more cooler when the kindreds uses them

                        • Anonymous

                          Can someone help me figure out what the deal is with this thing? And the other Gargoyle Black Weapons?

                          They seem to primarily be geared towards a Strength/Faith build, which I am using. But on all of them, either the scaling or the base damage is pretty rough, so neither the Physical nor the Holy damage ever really takes off. Despite having a higher AR of ~100 than their regular Gargoyle counterparts for me, they still do less damage per-hit, unless the enemy is weak to Holy damage, as is expected of a split-damage weapon with such a small AR difference.

                          To make matters worse, the regular variants can get a different ash of war, vastly expanding their utility. And on top of that, Faith builds can buff the weapon with Electrify Armament or something to completely close the AR gap.

                          Even after putting like 25 or so levels into Dex (I'm 66/34/55 or something rn, STR/DEX/FTH), to take advantage of the D or E scaling on these Black weapons to get a leg up on the Heavy infused ones, they still seem to suck in comparison. Just like they did at every other allotment I've tried with these weapons.

                          Is there something I'm missing or do these things really just blow?

                          • Anonymous

                            Really lame that it's considered legendary, honestly if you can change godskin peeler then this feels like it should two. At the very least it's a waste, no different move set, no unique ash of war effect.

                            • Anonymous

                              The Black Blade Kindred is at the Forbidden Lands area (right before Grand Lift of Rold) and not at the Mountaintop of Giants

                              • Anonymous

                                Pretty neat, didn't know that these guys served Maliketh, and given the location of the Black Blade Kindred boss...

                                • Anonymous

                                  Ok so it seems (atleast what I’m seeing here) there are two black blade drops from the kindreds. One drops greatsword and halberd (in from of the beast deathroot guy) other drops twinblade and axe (mountaintop)…maybe?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It's actually dropped by the one in the very top-right of Caelid iirc, the one directly in front of the Beast Shrine.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Can anecdotally confirm that this weapon drops from the Black Blade Kindred located in the Mountaintops of the Giants. The drops may be randomised or there may need to be a clearer distinction between the two minibosses on the main page for Black Blade Kindred.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        note that there are two versions of the black blade kindred boss, the one you get the twinblade from is the one right before the great lift to get to the mountaintops of the giants

                                        • Anonymous

                                          How to get the weapon is inaccurate. Black Blade Kindred only drops the sword version of the weapon, not the Twinblade version here. How do we get the twin blade version??

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