Bloody Wolf

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Level 5 Dexterity 12
Vigor 14 Intelligence 7
Mind 11 Faith 9
Endurance 12 Arcane 6
Strength 16    

Bloody Wolf was one of the 5 starting Classes in the Elden Ring Closed Network Test, it is not present in the full game. The armor set worn by this class appears in the final game as the Raging Wolf Set.


The Wolf is cunning, steadfast and deadly. These warriors have no fear and face down death with unmatched vigor and pride.

Bloody Wolf Starting Equipment

This class started with the following equipment:

Starting items for Bloody Wolf

This class started with the following items:

Bloody Wolf Builds in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Bloody Wolf Notes & Tips

  • High Strength allowed the Bloody Wolf to use a Greatsword and Heavy Armor and still have medium Equip Load.
  • The Crucible Armor Set, which was also available during the Closed Network Test, was a nice upgrade for the Bloody Wolf, providing more protection than the Bloody Wolf Set.

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