Lordsworn's Bolt

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attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 65
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
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Bolt Pierce

Lordsworn's Bolt is an Arrow in Elden Ring. Lordsworn's Bolt has a chance to droped by Nobles in packs of 5. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Well-crafted bolt with an illustrious design, wielded by regulars of a lord's army.

Deals more damage by its commonplace cousin.


Where to Find Elden Ring Lordsworn's Bolt

Lordsworn's Bolt can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Lordsworn's Bolt Notes & Tips

  • These Bolts are used by heavily armed soldiers at great range and inflict high damage.
  • You can hold up to 99 Lordsworn's Bolts
  • You can store up to 600 Lordsworn's Bolts
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 10


How to Craft Elden Ring Lordsworn's Bolt

To craft Lordsworn's Bolt you need the following materials:

  • Lordsworn's Bolt is a special ammunition that cannot be crafted.


Elden Ring Lordsworn's Bolt Moveset & Videos

  • Videos for the Lordsworn's Bolt Coming Soon


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    • Anonymous

      I found probably the best location to farm them at Caria Manor which can be looted from phantom version of Raya Lucarian soldiers, though they seem to drop every item as the regular soldiers. They spawn just outside the Manor Lower Level grace across the walkways. To be precise we are after the soldiers wielding brass shields since only they drop lordsworn's bolts.

      - You'll want to find a method to one shot them to make your runs as efficient and timely as possible. I recommend a large weapon you can do running strong attack on them as they are spawning. Consider equipping barbaric roar ashes and dex/strength talismans and crystal tears if you're having trouble one-shotting them.
      - The best path is going directly straight as if you are headed to the next grace (the stairs leading up to the lift, though you won't have to go that far).
      - Don't turn left at the first intersection of the walkway. Going that way requires you to go to the very end to trigger the soldier spawns but only once you make your way back. If that doesn't already sound like a waste of time, consider that 5 soldiers with greatswords and 2 with greatshields will spawn, of which neither drop lordsworn bolts. Only 4 brass shield soldiers spawn in this direction, 2 of which spawn near the edge and you can easily knock them over before getting a chance to loot them.
      - Going down the recommended path: The first 2 soldiers spawn directly ahead of you and are easy kills. After that, take out the solider that spawns on the left, a strong running attack will kill it before you even see it by aiming toward the left corner of the wall. Ignore the greatsword soldier that spawns on the right, conitnue down the walway. The next spawn is on the right side of the walkway and you should be able to see it just in time if you are sprinting, once you get the hang of t's spawn location you can easily kill it as it spawns. Continuing down, note the pile of rubble on the left side, you'll want to stop just before it and turn around to kill a soldier spawning behind you. After that kill as you make your way across you'll notice a soldier that spawns further down, before getting to it you'll want to kill 2 soldiers that will try to spawn behind you. Notice the sword/trap on the ground, a soldier spawns a few steps behind it and a well timed strong running attack kills it before becoming visible. Then immediately turn around to kill a soldier spawning behind you. Finally, kill the next soldier in your path (the one you saw earlier). After that last kill, there is 1 remaining brass shield soldier at the very end. From my observation, it NEVER drops ANYTHING for whatever reason so I choose to spare myself the effort and ignore him, but feel free to test your luck. Additionally, there will be a greatsword soldier that spawns which also isn't worth the effort for previously stated reasons. Since you will have aggro on you the map will be unavailable and you cannot teleport, therefore I suggest falling off the edge to respawn and do it over again.
      - Last but not least, don't forget to equip the silver scarab. Following my own recommendations and with silver scarab equipped, I did a couple runs at 10 minute intervals and noted the quantity of loardsworn's bolt's looted. The lowest run was at 25 and the highest was at 45 making the median of 35. I also did a single 30 minute run and noted the quantity at 111 lordsworn's bolts looted. Broken down into 10 minute intervals that averages out to a quantity of 37 lordswon's bolts per 10 minutes spent. In simple terms, 30 minutes nets you a full pouch of 99 plus some change. Seems like a decent rate if you really need them for some cheese or low level character.

      Additional notes: I spent a couple hours testing all this out and managed to procure 4 Heavy Crossbows for anyone interested in farming them at this location as they do pair well with lordsworn's bolts. Also, since the soldiers we are looting from are phantom Raya Lucarian soldiers and not Godrick soldiers as shown in the "where to find" section of this page, it may perhaps be possible to find other looting location around Luirnia where the regular Raya Lucarian soldiers are present, but I'm not about to go try that myself, just something to keep an out out for.

      I hope you found this helpful, happy looting!

      • Anonymous

        x10 can be found in Leyndell on a corpse near the giant spear. It's surrounded by soldiers, foot soldiers and knights

        • Anonymous

          Sucks that you can’t buy them anywhere but there drop rate is pretty high and crossbow wielding soldiers are common enough to give you a decent supply without having to intentionally farm for them.

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