Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 59 HP Cost 1
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Summons three Raya Lucaria soldier spirits

Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes summons the spirits of one Raya Lucaria Soldier and two Raya Lucaria Foot Soldiers.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of three Raya Lucaria soldiers.

A trio of spirits, consisting of two disposable foot soldiers and their superior.
The soldiers of Raya Lucaria were also known as the Cuckoos.

They were given free rein by the academy to wage war as they pleased, and they were infamous for their rapacious ways.


Where to find Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes

Where to Find Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes


Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes Guide


  • Consumes medium FP (59) and HP (1)
  • Footsoldiers attack with their swords, while the Soldier can throw Cuckoo Glintstones, spawning three homing projectiles and dealing Magic Damage.


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    • A fun if weak spirit ash, with one neat gimmick however - Albinauric pots, which are only useful in colosseums or vs gideon, they really can ruin someone's life. But of all soldier ashes they are probably the least useful in fights, except maybe Haligtree soldiers

      • Anonymous

        These guys are probably the most versatile version of the Soldier summons, with two small lads up front and a big guy with a greatsword.

        Short funny story, I summoned these lads in a 1v1 spirit ash Duel -After- dealing with someone's Mimic Tear, the guy was hot meta stuff until they threw Cuckoo pots at him.
        Despite healing not being allowed in a duel he started running away while the foot soldiers chased him around like an angry mob while the big guy was throwing Cuckoo stones and chipping him away, was the funniest thing I ever got to watch.

        • Anonymous

          You know, I appreciate how literally every company has its uses. Radahn offense, Leyndell defense, Godrick Range/combat combo, Raya constant attacks regardless of range, Haligtree burst damage, and Mausoleum for footsies.

          • Anonymous

            A fun early-game ash. The middling FP cost usually means you can use a weapon art during a fight also, such as Golden Vow. The captain is pretty durable and will apply constant pressure with the Glintstone, while the soldiers will put up a surprisingly strong fight of their own. Definitely not OP, but a solid upgrade from the Lone Wolves without much change in cost.

            • Anonymous

              One Solder with big sword and can throw cuckoo glintstones, two foot soldiers, one with dagger and one with short sword, both throw albinauric pots. Also, would have decent magic defense due to where you would fight these type of guys.

              • Anonymous

                Perfect ashes for the player who wants to draw a bit of aggro without making the fight entirely too easy like some of the more OP ashes. I've got them +6 and have been using them off and on, having just reached Subterranian.

                • Anonymous

                  I got to the Mohg boss fight in subterranean shunning grounds yesterday. I died a lot and tried different spirit ashes hoping to get an advantage but I was surprised which way it worked out in the end I summoned these ashes a few tines each before trying this spirit summons, and thankfully it was the last.

                  wolves +9,

                  Oleg +6

                  Cryatalian +7

                  Marionette archers +6

                  Lhutel +6

                  I had varying results with them. Out of those Oleg did best and the Crystalian was the worst, it wasn't attacking so I had mohg's full attention.

                  When I tried the Raya Lucaria soldier spirit ash I wasn't expecting a lot from them but they turned out to be much better than any of the previous ashes I'd used. I don't know what they did differently to all the others, the boss obviously had exactly the same move set all the previous spirit ashes I summoned had to deal with but they lasted most of the fight, and they must have done a good bit of damage because by the time Mohg had killed all three they had taken a lot of his life bar. I only needed three or four hits to finally kill him.

                  • Anonymous

                    So I've learned that the foot soldiers summoned throw albinauric pots. Are there any PvE situations where this is useful? I'm guessing they must have some niche somewhere that makes them using those pots incredibly useful.

                    • Anonymous

                      These are a dark horse spirit summons, I don't remember ever seeing them mentioned as being good to use against any of the bosses. I have them at +4 so I tried them out yesterday for the first time. I summoned them for the boss at impaler's catacomb, its a burial watchdog with half a dozen imps in the room with it. I also used them for the ulcerated tree spirit in fringefolk hero's grave. With the burial watchdog they were working together and doing really nice damage. They helped a lot, they were drawing agro so I didn't have all the imps on me while trying to kill the boss. I don't think they were as effective against ulcerated tree spirit, they did a good job distracting it and keeping it focused on them, but I don't think they were doing as much damage as they were to the burial watchdog and the imps, they did last for most of the fight though and they did make it much easier for me than it would have been solo, that's pretty much everything you want in a spirit ash.

                      • Anonymous

                        Probably one of the best FP/value summon in the entire game.

                        3 relatively tanky guys with ranged options.... for 59FP? Yes please!

                        • Anonymous

                          What pots do the footsoldiers throw? I know the superior throws cuckoo glintstones, but the footsoldiers throw some sort of white pot. Cant tell what it does

                          • Anonymous

                            Wanna shout out these guys, who accidentally trapped the final boss. This allowed me to attack it with no danger for about 30-40 seconds and win with ease.

                            • Anonymous

                              Honestly was shocked how much help these guys are. The big dude doesn't really step up until the first two die, but on a ranged build me and him just sit in the back and lay on the heat as the two little guys rush everything down and do a great job of holding aggro.

                              • Anonymous

                                the chest that contains these ashes is probably a reference to dark souls chests with the chain that can tell if it is a mimic

                                • Anonymous

                                  They don't do much damage, but are pretty durable and bring a lot of aggro to themselves by being 3 dudes. all of them with projectiles and close range weapons. If you have a glass canon char and want the double/triple bosses to be busy for a moment, those are you best bet on the normal ashes.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    These guys leave something to be desired. Knight guy just sits in the back barely doing anything. At least the godrick soldiers can hit decently hard and come with brass shields.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I play a mage/knight hybrid build and when I found these guys, I thought they fit in well thematically.
                                      They do tank quite well, but the stronger knight usually stays back and only throws pots unless being attacked by enemies directly in melee. If you are looking for a meat shield, those guys probably won't do what other ashes can't do better for you. And if you want ranged support, there are alot better options.
                                      They are cool though.

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