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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 81 HP Cost -
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Summons page spirit

Page Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Page Ashes can be used to summon the spirit of a page that uses a piercing sword and a crossbow to defend the player.

Page servants can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Page.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirit of a page.

Spirit of a page who traveled at the side of the noble he served.
Uses a piercing sword and crossbow to defend his master.
One becomes a page merely by accident of being born into
obscurity; nothing is asked of ability, talent, or volition.


Where to find Page Ashes

Where to Find Page Ashes


Elden Ring Page Ashes Guide

  • Consumes Medium FP (81)
  • You must be near a rebirth monument to summon spirits from ashes.
  • When you are close to a rebirth monument and able to summon, a monument icon will appear on the left side of the screen.
  • Long range and explosive bolts make him very strong against early to mid game bosses and encounters.


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    • Anonymous

      never used this nor will i ever but it'd be cool once you maxed this out he becomes a high page with a triple crossbow shot and stupid high poise when attacking

      • Anonymous

        This is an absolutely fantastic summon. I use him more than Mimic Tear. He's not better, obviously, but as a tanky character, it helps SO much to have a ranged character at a moderate distance taking pot-shots. Basically, if I whiff opportunities to get hits in, and stance damage threatens to recover, this guy's got me.

        Some people like their ranged summons far, far back, but this guy's moderate range is helpful when he manages to pull aggro. It's far enough that you're not in danger, but not so far it's annoying. You ever try to chase down a mobile boss that's focused on your back-flipping friend? Super annoying!

        He's been so useful early to mid game that, even though his damage is dropping off, I can't let go of him. Viva la Page!

        • Anonymous

          He’s just over the threshold of minimum FP, which makes him unavailable to the half of players who keep FP low. However those that do level Mind tend to be mages who have high enough FP to choose better summon options. This one is one of those mid-tier conundrums

          • Anonymous

            decent summon in most situations. i like using him if im trying to limit my summoning but still want a backup option...but hes an amazing summon if interrupting is strong in the fight. note he prefers ranged

            • Anonymous

              The page is m boy. I would absolutely recommend him. Does he play like the enemy version? No. But he's still a badass considering how early you can get him and how basic he seems. He got me through the godskin apostle at the windmill village at +3. He still has those bolts so he's decent as a ranged option. He won't stagger the bigger enemies but he can give you enough breathing room to heal or get away. He also has the sword so he's still decent cqc and he's got a decent amount of health so while I wouldn't call him tanky, I would call him versatile and durable. He's really good about picking up aggro and on top of that, my boy dodges. Home boy doesn't just camp out in direct line of fire, nor is he basically finished during an AoE move. Out of all the earlier summons, if you can afford the higher FP cost, get him. He's saved my melee unga bunga ass many a time.

              • Anonymous

                came here to ask if these ashes were as dangerous to enemies as the real thing is to players, and if it was worth upgrading. I can see from some of the comments maybe not.

                • Anonymous

                  Imagine if this ash turned into a High Page when you upgrade it enough. Would be great to have that Vigor checking Pulley crossbow on your side.

                  • Anonymous

                    Very strong spirit. It can interrupt many enemies from range with his bolts. Makes it easy to stunlock enemies and bosses. Suprisingly durable and decent damage too.

                    • Anonymous

                      Page +10 is very understood it spams exploding blots that stunlock sum bosses im very glad I upgraded it not to mention the range buffs you can add kind makes it one of the top tier dps ashes lacking hp is the result but very good ashes I wish they came in 2s but that would make this ask very OP then lol

                      • Worked well for me so far in the early - mid game. Surprisingly more durable than what I initially thought and keeps the aggro well due to his range attacks

                        • Anonymous

                          Page has put in some tremendous work for me as a summons for my sorcerer build; his ranged attacks means he keeps aggro well and he's a lot more durable than any of the pack summons.

                          • Anonymous

                            these are located in cliffbottom catacombs, located to east if purified ruins in the swamp region. They'll be guarded by onw of the omen dudes praying at a alter, you need to kill him to get them

                            • Anonymous

                              I have had pretty good success with this Spirit, has Flaming arrows and piercing weapon. Can dodge somewhat effectively, but prefers ranged combat.

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