Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost - HP Cost 135
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Summons three little living jar spirits

Soldjars of Fortune Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Soldjars of Fortune Ashes are used to summon the spirits of three little living jars.

Living Jars can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Living Jar.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirits of three little living jars.
Summoning consumes HP rather than FP.

These reckless spirits sacrifice themselves to vanquish their summoner's foes, and explode upon death.
Though their bravery is admirable, their explosions can harm friend as well as foe, and they will also immediately explode on contact with fire.

"Tell the others—tell them how brightly a fire jar burns."


Where to find Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

Where to Find Soldjars of Fortune Ashes


Elden Ring Soldjars of Fortune Ashes Guide




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    • Anonymous

      Cute little guys, kinda wish you can light them up with Fire spells or throwables, then they would rush up to the nearest enemy and commit "witness me."

      • Anonymous

        Apparently these guys have a culturally appropriate pun for their name in every language, props to the localization team

        • Anonymous

          The picture of this ash is probably a parody of the poster of the movie Soldiers of Fortune from 2012. Every character has an explosion in the background.

          • Anonymous

            are these spirit ashes worth fighting the boss and jars at the same time to get? If yes, anyone who already has them, I'd be interested to know what dungeons and bosses they were useful for?

            • Anonymous

              God I love these little guys. They're like the best type of summon for my playstyle: cute, pretty durable, doesn't solo the boss (for me this is a plus) and can draw some decent aggro.

              • Anonymous

                While of course I love these little guys, the amount of bosses that will trigger their detonation while nowhere near them is quite frustrating. You don't realize quite how many fire attacks are in the game until they all wipe out your buddy squad.

                • Anonymous

                  These guys should have been called with a hunter tool instead of a summon. Using this in PVP would be amazing but its locked to bosses and certain areas, where a summons most worthwhile use is drawing aggro

                  • Anonymous

                    In JP ver, these li'l guys are called 特攻野郎たちの遺灰(Tokkouyarou-tachi no Ihai). Tokkouyarou, literally "suicide attack SOB", is also the localization name of The A-Team in JP. So yeah, while tokkouyarou doesn't always refer to the show, I just find the thought funny, that The A-Team entered the Soulsverse.

                    I kinda wish they localized it to "the J-Team" or something punny.

                    • Anonymous

                      I disagree with the belief that they are useless. Treat them like a burst spell, not a true summon they have a place.
                      There are a number of squishy bosses, or bosses that summons are..... questionable on. I use +10 jars on Melenia in order to push her through phase 1 as fast as possible. I have killed her on more than one character without seeing waterfowl dance using this method.

                      • Anonymous

                        Super glad we get a useless, trash joke item instead of like... An Iron-Fist Alexander spirit ash. If it weren't for the fact that you can only ever summon a spirit once without revisiting a site of grace, maybe these would at least be fun to use? As-is they barely even have any novelty, since it's not like you can summon them wherever/whenever just to do something cool or funny. Sigh.

                        • Anonymous

                          The entire dungeon where you get this has to be just a gigantic in-joke fromsoft wont let us in on, teleport traps, a re-use boss from the first area of the game and at the end you get spirit ashes for literal jar people, i love it

                          • Anonymous

                            Summon these brave warriors and chug back your ruptured tear physick and then go forwards in one final blaze of glory.

                            • things do genuinely pitiful damage, they charge and IMMEDIATELY blow up even if no fire damage is present... literally useless compared to even the most crappy of summons because they don't INSTANTLY die

                              • Anonymous

                                Funny thing, in french the translation is an abvious reference to a-team (known as 'Agence tous risques' in France). Their name is 'Cendres de la faïence tous risques' which when you spell it sound a lot like the series.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I salute thee, little jars. Though ye be yet small, and not particularly effective, your sacrifice made The Lands Between a little less dark - if only for a moment.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    You use these against bosses to assert dominance. And immediately send them away again, because you wouldn't risk them getting hurt.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The soldjar viewed the field before him with a weary, battle-worn eye. A grim sight. Soldiers clad in golden cloth, the last defenders of Leyndell, made their stand against a relentless onslaught of mottled Misbegotten warriors and wayward grafted Marionnettes.

                                      Leyndell soldiers rushed forward to form a bulwark against the horde, stepping over their fallen comrades in a last ditch effort to form a shieldwall to protect the entrance to the city. Misbegotten warriors, marionettes, and soldiers mixed alike on massive corpse mounds fit with flesh, rusted metal, and steel. The soldjar mused briefly on the orderliness of the mounds, how the dead seemed to arrange themselves in neat little rows.

                                      The soldjar stepped on the corpse of a smaller Misbegotten, wings twisted and trampled. Scanning the field, the soldjar spotted a single Tarnished, alone, fighting off a horde of Misbegotten warriors, stark raving and desperate for bloodshed. The Tarnished cut down the first line, felled the second, then the third, and fourth. A cacaphony of screams, of both anger and anguish, arose from his enemies. Soon, a larger Misbegotten took notice. It roared in defeaning, maddened tones, and charged the Tarnished. Thrown off balance and surprised, the Tarnished slipped, and fell.

                                      The soldjar lept into action. It weaved across the battlefield, dodging arrows and spears and knives and swords, charging at the Misbegotten general. The Tarnished had fallen, and was madly rolling to avoid an untimely demise. But the Misbegotten was crafty; it had the Tarnished ready to be felled in one swipe.

                                      The soldjar, still sprinting at full speed, picked up a shard of metal from a stray marionnette helm and hurled it at the Misbegotten general, hoping to even distract the general for even a single moment. The metal bounced off of the Misbegotten's thick hide, but it was enough; the creature looked around, momentarily confused, and the Tarnished closed the distance, sinking his blade deep into the Misbegotten's flesh. The creature let out a brief howl of exasperation, and fell to the ground.

                                      The soldjar approached the Tarnished man, panting heavily. He looked upon his quarry with a reserved pride. The Tarnished, out of breath and out of time, looked at the soldjar with a look of deep gratitude.

                                      Another cacaphony of battlecries emitted from the battlefield. A horn was sounded, and the Leyndell soldiers began to retreat. The Tarnished looked to the soldjar, and the soldjar began to glow bright, looking into the Tarnished's eyes. The soldjar began to walk towards the battlefield.

                                      ""Tell the others," the soldjar declared, beginning to glow brighter and brighter red, "...tell them how brightly a fire jar burns."

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Not worth the trouble for the mini lil pot dudes. They cute but suck ass. Only good part about them is they work for low FP builds since pots cost HP like mimic instead of high FP.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Wish these had the unique gimmick of being resummonable. Fun to have little baneling summons but they'll never be worth it outside just for fun testing.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Found in airiza side tomb just north of the hero tomb near capital rampart grace royal city, boss drop grave duelist

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