Radagon's Scarseal

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Weight 0.8
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status effect 110 elden ring wiki guide 44px Raises Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 3, but increases damage taken by 10%

Radagon's Scarseal is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Radagon's Scarseal raises VigorEnduranceStrength, and Dexterity by 3 each, but increases damage taken by 10%. Easily confused with the separate talisman: Radagon's Soreseal. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


An eye engraved with an Elden Rune.
Said to be the seal of King Consort Radagon.

Raises vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity, but also increases damage taken.

These seals represent the lifelong duty of those chosen by the gods.


Radagon's Scarseal Effect in Elden Ring

Radagon's Scarseal raises Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 3 each, but increases damage taken by 10%.


Where to find Radagon's Scarseal in Elden Ring

Where to find Radagon's Scarseal:


Elden Ring Radagon's Scarseal Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: 3,000 runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18
  • Incompatible with Radagon's Soreseal.
  • Flat increases to attribute points are more impactful in the early-game. At later levels, it can often be a safer choice to use a different, complementary talisman, and avoid the additional damage taken.


Test Data for Radagon's Scarseal

Testing on Godrick Soldiers at Gatefront Ruins revealed interesting results. Received two of the same attack type with a Site of Grace rest in between, one with Scarseal, one without.

NOTE: Radagon’s Scarseal increases Physical Defense and decreases Damage Negation. On my character:

- With Scarseal: Physical Defense/Damage Negation = 114/9.699

- Without Scarseal: Physical Defense = 103/17.908

Please also note that for more accurate numbers I should have tested with no armor, but the data is still useful.

Godrick Swordsman, Light right swing:

- With Scarseal: 701 HP - 647 HP = 54 dmg taken

- Without Scarseal: 619 - 565 = 54 dmg taken

A 0% damage increase.

Godrick Swordsman, Charged heavy swing:

- With Scarseal: 701 - 528 = 173 dmg

- Without Scarseal: 619 - 459 = 160 dmg

+13 damage taken. An 8.125% damage increase.

Godrick Hammer Soldier, Light right swing:

- 90 dmg

- 87 dmg

+3 damage taken. 3.45% damage increase.

Godrick Hammer Soldier, Charged heavy swing:

- 195 dmg

- 182 dmg

+13 damage taken. 7.14% damage increase.


Godrick Spearman, Charged heavy stab:

- 36 dmg

- 37 dmg

-1 damage taken. This is due to Radagon’s Scarseal increasing STR, which also increases Physical Defense.

Godrick Spearman, Stab from cover:

- 80 dmg

- 78 dmg

+2 damage taken. 2.56% damage increase.

From the Godrick Soldiers, the only consistency is that the higher the base damage, the higher the damage increase percentage. I went to Stormveil Castle and tested the Troll outside Secluded Cell using the same method. Results:

Troll, Stomp and Hand slam (got hit with direct Hand slam):

- 304 dmg

- 284 dmg

+20 damage taken. 7.04% damage increase. Inconsistent with previous assumption.

One final test, this time wearing no armor. New criteria:

- With Scarseal: Physical Defense/Damage Negation = 113/-10.0

- Without Scarseal: Physical Defense/Damage Negation = 103/0.0

Troll, Hand swipe:

- 374 dmg

- 348 dmg

+26 damage taken. 7.47% damage increase.

After some imperfect testing against various types of physical attacks, Radagon's Scarseal consistently increases damage by 0-3.5% for weak attacks, and 7-8.5% for strong attacks. I say consistent, but it's not very. There was even an instance where I actually received 1 point less damage while wearing the talisman.

With all this said, in general, this talisman is fantastic, and the damage increase is mostly negligible. Of course, there are times where a few extra points will mean all the difference, but overall the benefits far outweigh the negatives.


Same method as above. Tested on Black Blade Kindred in Northern Caelid.



- With Scarseal: Physical Def/Dmg Negation = 128/9.699 Max HP = 1125

- Without Scarseal: 124/17.908 Max HP = 994

Black Blade Kindred, Sword Thrust (as written in wiki page)

- 1125 - 253 = 872 dmg

- 994 - 201 = 793 dmg

+79 damage taken. 9.96% damage increase.


- With Scarseal: Physical Def/Dmg Denagtion = 128/-10.0 Max HP = 1125

-Without Scarseal = 123/0.0 Max HP = 994

Black Blade Kindred, Sword Thrust (as written in wiki page)

- 1125 - 50 = 1075 dmg

- 994 - 17 = 977 dmg

+98 damage taken. 10.03% damage increase.

Observations: This data falls in line with my assumption that higher base damage would lead to a higher increase in damage taken. However, a key takeaway in every single one of my tests with this talisman is that after I take the hit, I’m *always* left with more remaining HP than if I were not using the talisman. This is extremely important, because it shows that players may be able to take at least one more hit before dying. Even for higher damaging enemies like bosses, it does not decrease the amount of hits I can take before 0 HP. It may even prevent a one-shot KO, if only just. There really isn’t any reason not to use this talisman, unless you’ve found Radagon’s Soreseal, which is just this but better.

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    • Anonymous

      If I did the math correctly, this talisman is an effective gain to HP up to 37 vigor--at 37 vigor, +3 vigor gives you 11% more HP, which outweighs the 10% extra damage taken. Of course, higher damage taken means you need to drink more flasks, but Radagon's Scarseal makes you less likely to die to a 1-shot or a fast combo as long as you have <= 37 vigor. At 38 vigor, +3 only gives you 9% more health, so the talisman becomes an effective HP loss at that point.

      • Anonymous

        TWELVE free levels in exchange for one talisman slot, 0.8 weight and a puny 10% increased damage (much of which is negated by the bonus stats)? Yes please! This thing is BANANAS!

        • Anonymous

          Very useful early game when you need to meet stat requirements on weapons, especially on a wretch in case you don't want to waste levels on other attributes while min-maxing. Soreseal is better and if you're evasive enough, probably even easier to get.

          If you're going for the Soreseal, you might as well try getting the Starscourge talisman for a very generous +10 strength and +5 End, Dex and Vig. 15% damage penalty is pretty punishing against newcomers, but worth it until you've reached the softcaps of each raised stat/relevant stats to you.

          • Anonymous

            Prisoner's chain was already useless on light armor builds. Who in there right mind decided that doubling the damage taken and subtracting 3 stat points was a good idea that would result in a very epic talisman that sane people use in PVE. and then deffenitely in PVP ongod.

            • Anonymous

              2 Solutions Here for the Hardcore Fans , my Tip is ( Get the Soreseal ASAP the other improved one as it offers literally 8 more Extra levels to the Overall Bonuses ). Ok so 20 Attributes being Bonusly applied is definitely Worthy from earliest uptill even End-Game... But listen up ( Radagon's Soreseal is better than Marika's Soreseal , as the +5 Strength in Radagon legit gives you +5 instant STR , in Elden Ring Strength Governs not only Weapon Scaling Damage but also Physical Damage so the Flat Damage is also buffed more with Radagons Soreseal , as for Marika skip it and just Level up the Equivalent Mind , INT , Faith and Arcane ). And Pro Tip , Do NOT equip both of the Talismans as the overall will be too much i believe -25% More reduced damage negation... However , when you get more Talisman Slots immediately Equip the DragonCrest Shield Talisman +1 in Atlus's Black Assassin Dungeon or the Dragoncrest Talisman +2. ( Note that the Dragoncrest Talisman +2 in Farum Azula will Negate the Negative -15% DMG Negation and will set your Character back to Normal Gear Ratio Stat in terms of all Physical , Strike , Thrust Damage Negation ). So its Pretty Worth it to Slot Radagon Soreseal and Slot the Dragoncrest Talisman +1 or +2 for 2 Talisman Slots... ( This means you Canceled the Negative Damage Negation increase , yet you literally Gain +20 Attributes on +5 Vigor , Endurance , STR and Dex ). Its Totally worth it i'm still using it on my Level 182 character now.... However incase you Face a tough Boss with Elemental approach like Fire , Lightning or Magic just use those Craftable Items to buff Fire/Magic Negation , or use the 3rd Talisman Slot with a Halidrake Talisman , or in other cases just simply Buff yourself with Faith Incantations like the Elemental Buffs you get from Corhyn.... Having a decent Shield with Barricade Shield Ashe of War helps alot aswell when facing the Toughest Dragon Bosses... so its really a Win/Win situation here , just make sure to equip Dragoncrest Shield Talisman with the Radagon Soreseal , and to Top it off ( You could also use Flash of Wonderous Physick mix of the Damage Negation Boost mix , or just Buy tons of Boild Prawns or Crabs from the Thief Merchant those also give a nice Physical Buff i think the regular Prawns are 10% and Boiled Crabs are 15% ). Goodluck folks hope this Helps also.... Ohhh and this is the Best Talisman in the Game imo as for Radagons Soreseal.

              • Anonymous

                From a bit of testing, the formula for your new damage negation values is 1.1 x Current Damage Negation - 10 rounded to the third decimal. So no armor you end up with -10. The Exile Armor chest has 12.400 physical, and using the scarseal takes it to 3.640 which checks out.

                • Anonymous

                  Noticed I've taken lots of damagein my playthrough but I never thought about it until I killed the serpent god thingie.
                  I use both marika soarseal and radagon soarseal. WIthout them I have 50% physical defences and 30% magic defences.
                  With them I have -2 defences and -1 magic defences. Dual wearing these will equate to a no armor run, but with heavy armor poise.

                  • Anonymous

                    Armor has never been that important in souls games. Like people will beat bosses naked because raw hp matters most

                    • Anonymous

                      It is -10.0 for all defense attributes when worn. You can check it out by equipping the talisman and unequipping all armor.

                      • Anonymous

                        Let's gooooo. Level 1 playthroughs will now have access to a temporary 28 Strength if they have:
                        Radagon's Scarseal equipped (+3 STR and DEX)
                        Starscourge Heirloom equipped (+5 STR)
                        Wondrous Physick "Strength-knot Crystal Tear" buff (+10 STR for a limited time)

                        If Level 1 runners two-hand their weapon that's 42 STR, which even exceeds previous games softcap! If you combine all this with fully charged R2's, Level 1's will finally be ably to do chonky damage with Strength weapons.

                        • Anonymous

                          The damage taken is inconsistent because of how the damage formula works, assuming it's like Dark Souls.

                          The real pain is that it seems to cut your negation by around 25%, which is going to absolutely hurt on enemies that can pierce your defense.

                          In short, (Atk - Def) and then the remaining value is reduced by negation as a percent.

                          It's not exactly atk - def as the closer atk gets to def the less and less it is reduced by, but you're going to see very minimal damage increases by common enemies and much more massive increases by bosses who tend to have much better attack values.

                          • Anonymous

                            At the forth church of Merina there is an Evergaol that requires a stonesword key, The boss is parriable if you are looking for practice, The Talisman offers essentially 12 levels in stats for a 6% damage dealt increase, which the vigor bonus already negates.
                            Discount Prisoners chain is worth it for most melee builds, as yoiu can bypass odd dex requirements for str weapons and much more!

                            • Anonymous

                              They are definitely gonna nerf this thing. so many simulated level over just 4 percent damage taken? Thats way to op

                              • Anonymous

                                I didn't even know I was getting the best item in the game, I just wanted to beat another boss lmao. But a slight damage increase for 12 simulated levels on my core stats? I'm down.

                                • Because of the increase to Vigor, as long as none of the points are over softcap (or maybe even then, idk, I'd assume not though), even though you take more damage per hit, in my one test (which was just against the same enemy & same attack, but wasn't done all over the place, so this was literally one test) you are actually able to take "more" total hits. In the case that I tested, I technically would have died to 5 hits with both, but the actual like numbers of damage & my health, it would have taken like 4.4 something hits with the Talisman equipped vs. 4.2 something hits without it.

                                  Take that with a grain of salt though, because like I said, it was just one test. I did use the same enemy & same attack received & same everything else other than the Talisman, so it was controlled, but as it was only one test on one enemy, it might not be accurate elsewhere.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Testing with arrows might be easiest since they do exact same damage each time and don’t have to consider if it is a heavy or light attacks.

                                    I get hit for 349 from a greatbow enemy without talisman.

                                    With talisman, 375. 7% damage taken.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If you look at your DMG Negation under Character Status, you can see that all of them goes down with about 7.5 when this item is equipped.

                                      • The comment got pretty long, so I put data and notes in a Google Doc.

                                        After some imperfect testing against various types of physical attacks, Radagon's Scarseal consistently increases damage by 0-3.5% for weak attacks, and 7-8.5% for strong attacks. I say consistent, but it's not very. There was even an instance where I actually received 1 point less damage while wearing the talisman.

                                        With all this said, in general, this talisman is fantastic, and the damage increase is mostly negligible. Of course, there are times where a few extra points will mean all the difference, but overall the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          "Where to find Radagon's Scarseal:

                                          Found on a body in Fort Faroth"

                                          I haven't progressed far enough to know if this is INcorrect, but you can also obtain from a boss called hero of something I can't remember, but he's in a gaol in the weeping peninsula, near the tombsward ruins

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