Flame, Cleanse Me

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Spell Type Fire Monk Incantation
FP Cost 14 Slots Used 1
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Alleviates buildup of and cures poison and scarlet rot

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Flame, Cleanse Me is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Flame, Cleanse Me spell creates a flame that damages the player, but also alleviates buildup of and cures poison and scarlet rot.


One of the incantations of the Fire Monks.

Creates a fire within that burns away toxins.

Alleviates poison and scarlet rot buildup and cures these ailments.
This incantation leaves the caster with subtle burns - a reminder
that they must fear the flame.


Where to find Flame, Cleanse Me

Where to find Flame, Cleanse Me:

  • Found on a corpse at the Fire Monk camp, southeast of the Church of Vows. [Map Link]

  • If you cannot get to the Church of Vows yet it is Southwest of the Eastern Tableland site of grace.


Elden Ring Flame, Cleanse Me Guide

  • Fire Monk Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 10
  • Damages caster for 15 HP
  • Cures Poison and Scarlet Rot, and alleviates their buildup.
  • Removes Frostbite infliction.
    • Frosbite removal works due the self inflicted damage being classified as fire damage.
      • However, this only works when Frosbite has been applied to the player. Any frosbite buildup will not be removed.


Elden Ring Flame, Cleanse Me Notes & Tips

  • Any starting class (except Prisoner) can make use of this spell by equipping the Two Fingers Heirloom talisman.  An excellent tool to use when exploring the Lake of Rot.


Frosbite Removal example:




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    • how do I actually use this spell?
      I have it equipped, but can't use it? I am well over the level requirements.
      Sorry for the filthy scrub question. I played all the previous SB games without magic, I'm trying to branch out with ER

      • Anonymous

        Is this 15 fire damage effected by damage negation? Like with the chest armor that decreases fire resistance, the marikas soreseal, crucible feather talisman, Daedicar's woe, fire scorpion charm and the lazuli glintstone crown (-18%health) can you kill yourself with this

        • Anonymous

          12 Faith in general is good for most utility incantation:
          9 Faith - Bestial Constitution: Alleviates blood loss and frost buildup
          12 Faith - Bestial Vitality: Heals HP over a period of time
          12 Faith - Flame, Cleanse Me: Alleviates buildup of and cures poison and scarlet rot
          12 Faith - Lord's Aid (good for multiplayer): Alleviates poison / blood loss / sleep buildup for self / allies
          10 Faith - Assassin's Approach (good for sneaking around when you don't have the Black Knife chest yet): Silences footsteps, reduces fall damage / sound
          12 Faith - Heal (don't recommend, FP cost is high and the healing is negligable): Heals HP for you and nearby allies.
          8 Faith - Urgent Heal (cost 16fp fast animation, could be useful in a pinch if you run out of healing potion): Heals a small amount of HP.
          - 10 Faith:
          - Divine Fortification: Increases holy damage negation. (last 90sec)
          - Flame Fortification: Increases fire damage negation. (last 90sec)
          - Lightning Fortification: Increases lighting damage negation. (last 90sec)
          - Magic Fortification: Increases magic damage negation. (last 90sec)

          TL;DR: Losing a few points in faith gives you a vast selection of good utility incantations :)

          • Anonymous

            > get scarlet rot

            > finds hiding place

            > equip seal

            > equip this incantation

            > try to cast it

            > no FP

            > switch to cerulean flask

            > use flask

            > cast incantation

            > cure scarlet rot with just 15 health remaining

            > die to the burn damage

            • Anonymous

              Every character needs this, the ability to safely remove three of the most common statuses for little more than a bit of fp and a hp hit so low i didn't even notice it the first time i used this is worth going out of your way to meet the requirements on any build.

              • Anonymous

                So, since it deals 15 fire damage to you, and fire damage removes frostbite from enemies when you hit them with fire after frostbite procs, im guessing this spell also secretly removes frostbite from yourself after taking the fire tick.

                Very useful for pvp since a lot of people use frost on their weapons for the damage buffs, even without needing intel investment.

                • Anonymous

                  A no-brainer pick for all Tarnished. Even if you don't have enough faith to cast it normally, every starting class except the Prisoner can equip this spell using the faith boost of the Two Fingers Heirloom talisman. The alternative would be to craft piles of Scarlet Boluses, which require a rare resource that's in finite supply to craft. — Courh the Explorer

                  • Anonymous

                    You know what the self fire damage made me realize? It would have made more sense that the effects of this were swapped with bestial constitution, except that they would them probably want this to have a different name. Fire makes more sense to remove frost buildup because is warm and this already does self fire damage that removes active frostbite, and it makes more sense for blood buildup because fire can cauterize wounds. Bestial constitution makes more sense for poison and scarlet rot because it’s like channeling a beast that has a stronger immune system to withstand poison and disease

                    • Anonymous

                      This is just a quality spell - instead of relying on boluses and crafting to get through the Lake of Rot, or the various poison and rot swamps, you just have this. Cheap and effective.

                      • Anonymous

                        Scarlet is pretty pervasive across the entire game, spanning several major areas and being the gimmick of several different enemies and bosses.

                        So having a cheap counter to said status is an obvious boon.

                        With the two fingers heirloom (which you also pick up in Liurnia) 9 out of the 10 starter classes (sorry, Prisoner) can use this spell with no level investment whatsoever in Faith.

                        • Anonymous

                          This is a must if you intend to traverse(and survive) through hellish places like Lake of Rot, the swamp in Caelid and the ER subreddit!

                          • Anonymous

                            Who would win?

                            A widespread plague devastating the lands of Caelid and even succumbing a Demi-god to a life of insanity,
                            One flamey boi

                            • Anonymous

                              Makes me think if Miquella and Malenia ever tried this to cure scarlet rot. Though maybe Malenia's curse is more potent than just being afflicted? Granted if the source was still in her body...

                              • Anonymous

                                Purely through items, It's quite easy to reach the faith requirement for this spell on any class. For most you only need the Two Fingers Heirloom which raises your FTH by 5. For the Prisoners out there, Commoner's Garb or Ruler's Mask will give you the one point boost you need with the talisman.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Incase you're unsure where to find. It's south west of the eastern table land grace. (viable from grace way point) also there is a pose in this firecamp c:

                                  • Anonymous

                                    You can equip the spell even without the faith requirement, so when you're out of battle you can swap to a faith increasing talisman to cast it. No reason not to fill those memory slots.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Great for traversing the Lake of Rot, the requirements are reasonable for melee builds with low faith investment.

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