Lord's Heal

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Spell Type Two Fingers Incantations
FP Cost: 55 Slots Used: 1
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Massively heals HP for self and nearby allies

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Lord's Heal is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Lord's Heal grants massive healing for self and nearby allies.


Incantation bestowed by the Two Fingers upon the Tarnished
deemed worthy of becoming a lord.

Heals a massive amount of HP for the caster and nearby allies.
Hold to continue praying and delay activation.

Tarnished - O, Tarnished! Seek the Erdtree and stand before
Marika, its Queen. Become the Elden Lord!


Where to Find Lord's Heal

Where to find Lord's Heal:


Elden Ring Lord's Heal Guide

  • Two Fingers Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 45
  • Restores (4.2 x Faith Incantation Scaling) HP to yourself, and half as much to allies.
    • Incantation Scaling from sources other than Faith is unused in calculating the HP healed.




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    • Anonymous

      I love it when someone constantly spams this whenever they get get scratched. And of course they have to be wearing bull goat armor so I cant just stagger them out of it, because somehow Adula's Moonblade does nothing to their poise, so I literally can't win.

      • Anonymous

        To help everyone confused in the comments: healing spells like Lord's Heal or Erdtree Heal ONLY factor in the faith scaling of your seal when calculating. Seals that scale off other stats -- Clawmark, Dragon, and Golden Order (and Frenzied I guess) -- will NOT take into account strength, arcane, or intelligence (respectively) when casting these spells. The reason why your numbers look lower than pure faith casting seals is because the faith scaling on something like the Clawmark seal is only a 120 B, while the Finger seal gets a 249 S scaling -- more than twice as good as the Clawmark seal for pure faith-scaling spells. For this reason, it's best if you're using one of those four split-scaling seals to carry along either a +25 finger seal or +25 erdtree seal to cast your heals.

        • Anonymous

          If you're a rl150 dragon communion caster, carry an erdtree seal to use healing spells, it's way more efficient than using your dragon seal. Don't be fooled by the incant scaling, test it out if you don't believe me.

          • Anonymous

            Doesn't work on spirit ashes, has to be a bug, no difference in wording between this and heals that DO affect spirit ashes.

            • Anonymous

              Coolest spell, I press button, I lose FP, health stays the same B)
              seriously does this spell actually heal lol?

              • Anonymous

                With 20 faith and a +9 Golden Order Seal (A faith scaling) this heals 575. With 20 faith and a +24 Finger Seal (S faith scaling) this heals 650. On my int build, I find this to be a better option than flasking when I don't need a quick heal, as a +12 Crimson flask only heals 810 at the cost of Cerulean flask that could have given me 220 FP.

                • Anonymous

                  It’s not fp efficient for co oping and/or dungeon running. But for boss fights it’s a pretty clutch emergency heal. It saved my booty a few times.

                  • Anonymous

                    It’s fascinating how some builds will use this in the coliseum, effectively or not. Arcane casters are usually just wasting flasks by using this but pure fth builds can get nearly full heals that stack on ritual shield talisman. IF you let them cast of course.

                    • Anonymous

                      I think healing in arena is valid and apparently so did the developers. With 10 spell slots you should definitely have a heal handy to punish passive players or other healers.

                      • Anonymous

                        This says "heals a massive amount of HP for the caster and nearby allies" but either spirit summons don't count as allies or its a load of bollocks because when I tried to use this to heal Omen killer Rollo with about half his health bar left I was only seeing a very small increase in his health bar each cast. I have 60 FTH and using the golden order seal I think with around 240 incant scaling it took four or five flasks worth of casts to fully heal him. Obviously this isn't viable outside of rune farming. Is this what I can expect to see from support incantations used on spirit summons? I don't know because I rarely use them and the ones I do use the damage negation incantations. I've never used lord's heal on any NPC summoned for a boss or in multiplayer so I'd appreciate replies from anyone here who knows their stuff and can tell me what the deal is with this incantation.

                        • At 80 Fth and +10 Erdtree Seal (353 Sorcery scaling), this incantation heals 26,66 HP per point of mana. In comparison Great Heal heals 28,55.

                          In order to heal yourself to full with one cast, and all heals bar Urgent Heal at base have 1s cast which is quite long during an intense fight, you would need 1482 HP total, which equals 41 Vigor assuming you won't heal at 0 or 1 HP exactly. With higher HP this spell is a waste of mana, since you will heal yourself with the same two casts using Great Heal or even regular Heal anyway.

                          200 HP heal difference between Lord's and Great imo is not worth the 10 extra mana cost, considering the massive 800 HP increase for Erdtree Heal at +20 mana cost.

                          • Anonymous

                            this spell does high damage to royal revenants, also staggers them. im not sure about how large the aoe is but it seems farther than the healing range would appear

                            • Anonymous

                              I heal for the same with 80ARC and 28FTH as well as 80FTH and 17ARC.

                              Dragon Communion as ARC
                              Erdtree Seal as FT

                              Literally no difference.

                              • Anonymous

                                heres my data for heals:

                                godslayer's seal+21 great heal 1016
                                godslayer's seal+21 lords heal 1173 a 15.45% increase

                                finger seal+21 great heal 1001
                                finger seal+21 lords heal 1155 a 15.38% increase

                                erdtree seal+6 great heal 880
                                erdtree seal+6 lords heal 1016 a 13.39% increase

                                other seals not worth mentioning

                                • Anonymous

                                  Ratios to healing of the Spells: (Urgend Heal 1.148, Heal 2.301, Great Heal 3.644, Lord´s Heal 4.204, Erdtree Still don´t got it sry)

                                  - Great Heal has the most efficient ratio of this spells and at 60 Faith with the Erdtree Seal +10 (273 Scaling ) it heals for 273 * 3.644 = 995 HP for 45 FP ( or 34 ) for a ratio of 22HP per 1FP (or alternativly a ratio of 29 HP per 1 FP)

                                  - For comparison a avarage non regen insta heal spell has a ratio of: incantation-scaling (of your talisman) multiplyed by the ratio of the spell 1.148 ( so at 273 scaling it heals 313 )for the urgent heal spell (60 Faith ERDTREE SEAL +10 has a Incantation Scaling of 273 and the avarage HP per FP ratio of Healing spells is about 18-20.

                                  - Great Heal is the most efficient with 20+ HP per FP with 60 Faith and more second only to the Erdtree Heal.)

                                  - try using your FP to healyourself its more efficient because:

                                  - Blessing´s Boon is at 24HP pro 1Fp and BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE is at 18 HP per 1FP spend.

                                  - By extending the duration of the Blessing Spells with OLD LORD'S (30% longer) TALISMAN to 117 Sec and reducing the Cost with PRIMAL GLINTSTONE BLADE (25% less cost ) down to 23FP and 45FP. You can reach a FP spend for HP gained ratio of 40HP per 1FP on Blessing´s Boon and a ratio of 31HP per 1FP spend for the BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE

                                  - Flask of Crimson Tears +12 with 15 Flask of Crimson Tears heals for 810 (972 with CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN) for a MAX HEAL of 12150HP (or 14580HP with the CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN).

                                  - While your max FP Flask heals 220 but i recomend get 180FP MAX. You can heal using the tricks above to regen heal about 5616+ HP per Flask of Cerulean Tears. Using the Bleesing of the Erdtree 4 times per 180FP Bar. So a total of 84240 HP and Blessing Bone would be even better...

                                  - This makes Flask of Cerulean Tears about 570%+ better that using Flask of Crimson Tears and IT HEALS YOUR ALLYS ON TOP OF THAT !!!!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The comments here seem a bit confused. All healing spells scale with Incant Scaling, however on dual-stat seals, it only scales with the Incant Scaling provided by FTH. If you want strong heals, you have to go pure FTH and use a FTH seal like the Finger Seal or Erdtree Seal. That being said, Lord's Heal heals for 4.2x Incant using those seals (haven't tested Godslayer Seal, but it should be the same.) If you're using dual-stat seals, the regen spells are your better option as they do not scale at all.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Just respec for something else, going from full faith to faith/arcane, and the healing given by this spell went to around 1000 to 500 with the same Incant scaling (350). Looks like this spell also scales with faith. Ill try other healing spells

                                      • Anonymous

                                        At 50 Faith + 80 Intelligence using a +10 Golden Order Seal (Incant Scaling: 367) with no additional buffs results in a 936 HP heal. The FP cost of 55 results in a 17.02/HP per FP. (This is lower average HP per FP than Great heal for some reason)

                                        (I see someone else did some testing on this one as well, it appears FP per HP healed is definitely different depending on stats.)

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Some simple tests for heals I did!

                                          - Erdtree Seal +9
                                          - 50 Faith
                                          - 233 Incant

                                          Heal - 537 HP / 32 FP - 16.78HP per FP
                                          Blessing's Boon - 720 HP over 90s / 30 FP - 24 HP per FP
                                          Great Heal - 849 HP / 45 FP - 18.66 HP per FP
                                          Lord's Heal - 980 HP / 55 FP - 17.8 HP per FP
                                          Blessing of the Erdtree - 1080 HP over 90s / 60 FP - 18 HP per FP
                                          (Don't have Erdtree Heal, sorry!)

                                          Blessing's Boon is obviously the clear efficiency winner, but the split between Great/Lord/Blessing of Erdtree is actually pretty close.

                                          Blessing's Boon if you just need the top off without too much danger- Great/Lord Heal when you need the HP more urgently to survive.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            it healed me for 530 hp with a single use. I have no idea if it scales with faith or with seals. I had 25 faith and incant scaling of 177.

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