Theodorix's Magma

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Spell Type Dragon Communion Incantations
FP Cost 45 Slots Used 1
item effects icon elden ring wiki guide 55px 18pxEffect
Spews magma breath of Theodorix from above

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Theodorix's Magma is an Incantation in Elden Ring. The Theodorix's Magma spell conjures head of Theodorix to drown enemies in deadly magma. Updated to Patch 1.09.1.


Superior incantation of Dragon Communion. Channels the power of the great wyrm Theodorix.

Transforms caster into a great wyrm to spew a large volume of magma breath. Allows one follow-up attack.

The name of the ancient troll warrior Theodorix lives on — as a hero of the War against the Giants.


Where to find Theodorix's Magma

Where to find Theodorix's Magma:


Elden Ring Theodorix's Magma Guide

  • Dragon Communion Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 60 (per shot)
  • Deals Fire Damage.
  • Deals on average 40% more damage than Magma Breath, with a bigger scatter area of the magma pool effect.
  • Can be cast twice before incurring the downtime, and you can swivel your character while casting to spew in different directions.
  • Damaging magma pools generated by this spell can stack on top of each other.
  • It takes on average 5 seconds to complete the full cast, with the first projectile landing around the 2.5-second mark.
  • Unlike other named breath incantations, cannot be cast while jumping, and your character does not hover while casting.
  • Theodorix's Magma is the only named breath incantation that uses up Stamina for the second cast and requires at least 1 stamina point to cast twice, regardless of the caster's FP
  • If an enemy is hit at point-blank range the damage will be doubled. 
  • Can be used on horseback.



 Elden Ring Theodorix's Magma Note and Tips

  • Updated to Patch 1.09.1. See Patch Notes for details.
  • To get double damage easier at point-blank range, try using Dragonmaw before Theodorix's Magma to gain the float and lunge property to close the distance.
  • This spell might require free aiming if the intent is to land the projectile on top of the enemy instead of hitting their feet.
  • This spell is best used for casters who have a large stamina bar and fp bar. 
  • Casters can shoot both magma shots on their feet to zone out enemies and create space for users to apply buff or consumables. 
  • Can be used as an alternative to Giantsflame Take Thee, as it deals fire damage, cost only one memory slot, has good AoE, can be cast twice, and leaves pools of lava. 
  • Lava pools can remove Frostbite and can synergize well with spells that can quickly reapply the status effect multiple times, such as Borealis's Mist.
  • Other notes and player tips go here.
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    • Anonymous

      Honestly the only real use for this is being a trophy after you kill that absolute bozo who has no business being as strong as he is.

      • Anonymous

        If you cast for the full 5 seconds at point-blank range, sometimes it can do as much damage as a Moonveil L2>R2. You might even be able to survive the cast (further testing required)

        • Anonymous

          A troll transformed into a wyrm? Quite the fashion upgrade if you ask me. Not much of a big deal if you can stand on 2 legs anyways. Heck, you get to fly given enough time.

          Where's our full dragon form, cowards?

          • Anonymous

            So, do we know for sure this gets boosted by roar medallion? I'm probably just being paranoid but I feel like it doesn't do as much as other dragon breath spells.

            • Anonymous

              Combine this with Borealis's Mist on big slow enemies to get multiple frostbite procs in quick succession, a very costly combo but when you need to melt a enemy it rivals Comet Azur. As long as there not resistant to frostbite that is.

              • This spell has pretty much the same damage as giant's flame but casts very slow. There is one upside to it in comparison however and that is it travels vertically much farther. So you can cast this from even higher places to hit something far down.

                If it could be cast in the air maybe I would use it.

                • Anonymous

                  "Those who have performed the Dragon Communion will find
                  their humanity slowly slipping away. Once they fully succumb to
                  their fate, they are left no more than wyrms that crawl the earth."- description of the nameless magma breath.

                  This troll prolly performed the Dragon Communion ritual(?) for magma breath and thus this state of his.

                  But it is to be noted that ONLY performing the ritual for magma breath slowly and permanently transforms the user into a wyrm.

                  As the description of Dragonfire, Dragonclaw and Dragonmaw states: "Incantation of those who have hunted dragons and feasted upon their hearts. Theirs is a pure and overwhelming power."(This does not state about any permanent transformation)

                  Whereas the description of Glintstone Breath, Rotten Breath and Dragonice states: "Those extraordinary individuals who perpetuate Dragon
                  Communion are called the dragon-hearted."

                  Therefore performing the Dragon Communion for magma breath turns the user into one while others don't.(At least lore-wise)

                  (These are just speculation)

                  • Anonymous

                    Never seen a troll use dragon power even once, but they straight up turned into dragon kin. Pretty shame honestly

                    • Anonymous

                      It can be used on horseback at least if two-handed on left hand. It's the only named draconic incantation to behave like this.

                      • Anonymous

                        Is nobody going to mention how the short description of this spell outright lies to you? It contains the same "shoots from above" bit that the breath spells do but you can't jump-cast or hover with it.

                        • Anonymous

                          "Can't be cast on horseback unless you equip the sacred seal in your main hand"
                          Ah yes, just like almost every other spell that can be cast on horseback

                          • Anonymous

                            Needs better aiming when locked on. It has very low range and the Magma Ball ends up missing the target, colliding with the terrain. Hopefully there will be long range "Fireball" Dragon Incantations IF there is future DLC

                            • Anonymous

                              patch 1.05 absolutely gutted this thing since chain casting got removed entirely, so now every time you cast this thing you’re stuck in a 2 second long animation with no added poise just for mediocre damage and area denial that gets outclassed entirely by other spells

                              • Anonymous

                                If giantsflame take thee is the return of bed vestiges then this is the return of great chaos fire orb, and man do I absolutely love it

                                • Anonymous

                                  Abysmal damage compared to Agheel's Flame. At high Faith, both compare poorly to Giantsflame Take Thee and Flame of the Fell God.

                                  The main advantage of this is of course zoning in PvP (and the bugged casting animation). The lower FP cost might also be a benefit in PvE, considering how inefficient a full blast of Agheel's Flame is.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Tested on troll with 332 incant scaling dragon seal. Theodorix's magma initial projective deals 1300, regular magma breath deals 876.

                                    Both spells' function are exactly the same. Theodorix's has bigger hit box, damage, tick damage, costs 15fp more than regular magna breath but it's justified.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      It seems to copy the cast of certain incantations, Like catch flame or Dragon maw. Basically making stronger versions of both

                                      • After some PVP testing I learned that this Spell is indeed a chain castable spell but I also learned that using this spell after doing a sprinting attack with either Catch Flame or Sling you cast the spell directly from your hand with probably one of the fastest cast in the game making this spell extremely powerful for PVP and PVE Alike

                                        I cannot confirm this but if you hit someone with the first cast of the manga ball that comes from your hand it may true combo into the second magma ball if your cast speed is high enough but this requires further testing and I cannot confirm this

                                        • Anonymous

                                          So from some PVP testing I have discovered that after using a sprinting attack with catch flame or sling, this spell can be cast directly from your hand with probably one of the shortest cast times in the game making it extremely powerful for a roll catching or just as a surprise attack.

                                          Now I cannot confirm this but if you hit the first magma ball that comes from your hand it may true combo into a second magma ball if you’re cast speed is high enough but this requires further testing and I cannot confirm this.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Allows one-follow up attack, you know what that means... chain attack, you know what that means... combo it with Catch Flame and you've got insta kills. Thanks you for coming to my TED talk

                                            • There's almost no reason to use this spell compared to a Rotten Breath or Dragonice. The range is pathetic, locked on or not locked on. Initial damage is mediocre and the lava damage is laughable. I almost thought I had the weaker incantation equipped when I tried it. If you need a wide AoE and far superior damage, Rotten Breath and Dragonice are the way to go. Hell even Dragonfire if you need a fire element. Those 3 can also be used on horseback. And I'm just talking PVE here, it is worse in PVP.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I have found that this incantation is best used as a nuke from above. You can drop this bomb on targets far below you from a high vantage point in places that the dragon breath spells aren't going to reach.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  For people who're still confused about not getting this Incantation upon killing Great Wyrm Theodorix: As opposed to what this article says, you won't get this dropped but have to travel to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and spend Dragon Hearts to aquire it.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I would highly suggest this spell if you are using the dragon communion spells. While it isn't better alone than the others, it has a couple major advantages.

                                                    First off, this spell has initial dmg and a chain cast, allowing you to get more dmg pumped out the second the cast is done, instead of doing the dmg in 3 bursts like the breath spells.

                                                    Second, the fp usage is much much better compared to breath spells. The breath spells end up taking my whole bar while a chain cast (2 casting of this) take less than half, very good if you want to preserve fp.

                                                    The only superior dragon incantation to be used on horseback. Every other superior incantation, such as Agheel's flame and Smarag's glintstone breath raise you in the air. This spell does not, and so it allows you to use it on horseback. This is very convenient, as you can take the dmg of a superior incantation and not have to get off your horse for it.

                                                    And as a tiny bonus, pools of lava afterwards for small extra dmg.

                                                    If I had to state downsides, I'd say startup time and range. These aren't awful on their own but together it means you have to be close and vulnerable for a considerable amount of time. This is the main downside combo that could make this spell bad.

                                                    Overall, I'd have to say very good spell

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Has anyone else tried this? It does 0 initial damage and the lava does 50 damage a tic slowly.

                                                      Am I missing something seems like possibly the worst incantation in the game by a mile

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        This spell cannot be cast in mid-air like the other upgraded dragon spells, the effect needs to edited here to reflect that.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          how do i get this to show up in the dragon church, I killed the dragon it was named after but it still hasnt spawned for me, unlike with the ice dragon which showed up as soon as i killed it

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