Banished Knight Helm (Altered)

banished knight helm (altered) elden ring wiki guide 200px
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 6.7
VS Strike 5.2
VS Slash 6.8
VS Pierce 6.1
Magic 4.7
Fire 4.7
Ligt 4.6
Holy 4.6
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 21
Robustness 30
Focus 13
Vitality 14
Poise 11

Helm Wgt. 7.1

Banished Knight Helm (Altered) is a Helm in Elden RingBanished Knight Helm (Altered) is part of the Banished Knight Set Armor Set, and is a Heavyweight helmet that strikes a good balance between Physical and Magical defense. Banished Knight Helm (Altered) protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders, but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


Thick, full set of armor covering the entire body.
This helm was worn by knights who, whether by misfortune or misdeed, were forced to abandon their homes.

These fierce warriors were each and all accomplished. Perhaps that is why, despite their territorial losses, they were still named knights.


Where to find Banished Knight Helm (Altered) in Elden Ring

The Banished Knight Helm (Altered) Helm can be found at:


Banished Knight Helm (Altered) Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Banished Knight Helm (Altered) Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 100 Runes
  • This is a different item than Banished Knight Helm, and cannot be altered. Mobs will only drop the version they are equipped with.
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      You can farm this from the guy at Castle Sol, Church of the Eclipse, immediately to your right as you exit the room. Not sure if the bird on the adjacent building can reach you, but you can hit him with something ranged to avoid aggroing it.

      That's the good news. The bad news is that you'll have to farm this cheap POS that can kill you in a single combo. Have fun.

      • Anonymous

        would be cool if you could get rid of the dragon on top, kinda goofy looking, the mane is ****ing ballin tho

        • Anonymous

          This + the gauntlets, black flame monk greaves and the confessor armour (altered) was my Elden Bling for my first playthrough, rockin the Winged Scythe and lightning spells, Absolutely loved it.

          Anyways, so this comment has a point, I find that this helm goes better with cloth/ non metal armours for Elden Bling since it has a silvery tint that doesn’t mesh well with other metal pieces that aren’t the rest of its set Imo

          • Anonymous

            Fun Bonus Effect: This helms stylish mane makes any capeless armor work fashion soul wise. Why would I give a damn about -20% on fp cost, when I could make Mausoleum armor look f*cking fantastic. Farm for this every run. Just farm the one down the stair in Stormveil

            • Anonymous

              The mane of this helm get soaked with blood after combat to the point where is completely red. One of my favorite head gear.

              • Anonymous

                Stylish in the extreme, the mane is enough but the dragon mounted on top is unbelievably awesome, allows me to role play Elric of Melniboné

                • Anonymous

                  Got this while farming the unalter chestpiece in castle of sol near oniall if you snipe it didn't even know tbh

                  • Anonymous

                    Obviously, they should have named it something else than "Altered", but then the main reason why it cannot be altered with the golden needle is quite simple: The Alter Garments is only "removing" part of an armor which makes it lighter with a drop in its poise and resistances. The difference between the Banished Knight Helms are not about "removing" part, but also adding new ones. The Unaltered version doesn't have a dragon decoration on top nor the messed up cape white thing behind (if your armor doesn't have a cape, it shows up.) They could have named this one "Banished Knight Helmet" and the unaltered version "Elite Banished Knight Helmet" since the Unaltered version is found on harder enemies later than the altered version.

                    • Anonymous

                      There is a bug with this helmet version. I farmed whole set from Stormveil rampart tower site of grace, the dude downstairs. But the white hair never showed up. I thought there’s another version with white hair so I farmed whole set from Dragon church. The dragon church version helmet always have scarf, no hair. Today I wear the Stormveil version again and the white hair showed up. Weird.

                      • Anonymous

                        i find it funny how this cannot be altered even if you have the golden needle-- you can alter armors of the demigods of the land but you can't alter these. makes the banished set that much more special/badass to me

                        • Got it in two attempts with 212 discovery.
                          - Rampart Tower site of grace
                          - Exit through the door where you see several eagles attacking gunpowder barrels.
                          - Before reaching the birds, on the right side, jump on top of a roof and then you can jump into the passage where the knight is

                          • Anonymous

                            ugh. why not just make them two different helms? you already can't alter them to one another, just make them different. and let the altered version of this be without the silly little dragon ornament on the top. it's such a cool helmet and comes with that cool white hair scarf thing...but man that little ornament really messes up a lot of the style.

                            • Anonymous

                              I wish there was more altering options because the Unaltered version clearly doesn't have the dragon on top nor the hair.

                              • Anonymous

                                I've gotten every item off of this guy except that damned helmet and now I'm on my last fowl foot. I'll probably have maidens before i get this damn thing.

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