Trina's Lily

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Material used for crafting items
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Exceedingly rare to find

Trina's Lily is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout the Lands Between, and are used to create a wide variety of items. 


A pale purple water lily that is on the verge of wilting.
Material used for crafting items.
Exceedingly rare to find.
A symbol of faith in St. Trina.
Dulls the senses, preventing agitation.


Where to find Trina's Lily in Elden Ring

Trina's Lily found in the overworld do not respawn after resting at a site of grace.


  • 3 by Limgrave Tunnels: Under ruins in the lake, to the south of the tunnels. Guarded by a Giant Crab. [Map link]
  • 3 in Summonwater Village, between the two large ruins southwest of the site of grace (these respawn after defeating General Radahn).
  • 2 under the east side of Saintsbridge. [Map link]
  • 1 by Seaside Ruins: From the site of grace, jump down on Torrent and head east. By a pillar and guarded by a Lone Wolf
  • 1 east of the Agheel Lake South site of grace, in some bushes on the cliff. [Map link]
  • 4 in Waypoint Ruins, can be picked up on a corpse on the ruins near the giant flower (use Torrent to reach the item).
Liurnia of the Lakes
Raya Lucaria
Mt. Gelmir
Consecrated Snowfields

Purchase from

Dropped by

Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Spirit Jellyfish 8.00% By Apostate Derelict
Lesser Cleanrot Knight 2.00% -

 Farming locations

Trina's Lily Guide for Elden Ring

Trina's Lily can be used to craft the following items:

Elden Ring Trina's Lily Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Enough to get you through a playthrough but not enough to use on a co-op/PvP build utilising sleep until you get to the farming spot.

      • Anonymous

        Found another one in the poison swamp under the albinauric village. Straight west from the folly on the lake grace past the rock formation on the map and then straight south into the swamp

        • Anonymous

          Stop *****ing everything should be purchasable you lazy sh*ts, the game caters to you enough. Wtf. It's a role-playing game, know your f*ucking role.

          • Anonymous

            Altus Plateau, from the Abandoned Coffin site of grace, head east along the valley; at the deadend by done trees, there is 1.

            • Anonymous

              The crafting system in this game sucks ass seriously the next patch needs to make all crafting items purchasable.

              • Anonymous

                (4 northeast of the Smoldering Wall site of grace in Caelid, next to the mushrooms)

                This is mislabel. This is acutely a arteria leaf. It is however marked correctly on the map.

                • Anonymous

                  To get the trinas lilies next to the village of the albinaurics- go east from village of the albinaurics bonfire, then when you get to the bottom of the ramp and reach the swamp, u turn and go west through the narrow swamp river and after a short distance there is a tree with a bunch of crabs, you have to get close enough for them to render so dont try to spot them from far away.

                  The map and instructions above to reach them are horrible and misleading
                  Also, if they are not there, you may have already gotten them. Trina's lily does not respawn til ng+

                  • Anonymous

                    Atlas plateau, East of Writheblood Ruins, down the cliff, there is 1
                    Atlas plateau, northwest of mirage rise, up some cliffs and by a bush, there is 1

                    • Anonymous

                      The rarity of items like this is fine for new game pve but they need to be purchasable after completion if you're doing serious pvp, players will just dupe them and if you can't find someone to help dupe you items, you're at an inherent disadvantage against players that do unless you're prepared to farm for hours.

                      • Anonymous

                        Found 3 more in Limgrave. Was at the Seaside Ruins trying to jump down with no luck so I headed SSE. Fought the enemies along the way and finally got to a point where I could make a small jump down to a level high up along the river. Went back NW a bit to a dead end with the lilies. The place is about as far south as you can go in Limgrave.

                        • Anonymous

                          I can't bring myself to kill the jellyfish, no idea why. I did when I first started my game but by the time I got to Liurnia I was just leaving them alone. I did kill the permanently red ones for the jellyfish shield and they were the last ones.

                          • Anonymous

                            I don't know who it was that found out about the jellyfish drop rate in the snowfield but thank you so goddamn much for making sleep builds actually playable so I don't have to do another ng+ cycle with a god damn torch and straightsword.

                            • Anonymous

                              I think both types of lillies and arteria leaf respawn after some unknown amount of time.

                              I looted the load of trinas lillies from around the sleeping bear in mistwood ruins at the start of my playthrough and after going back way later they were all back again

                              • Anonymous

                                There's a spot in lake of liurnia where there's like 10 or more lily but I can't find them. If anyone has found that spot or know what I'm talking about please tell me

                                • I wanted to see how farmable these were so I initially tried cleanrot knights, however them being spread apart in most areas pushed me away from trying to farm them early on. I instead decided to farm the jellyfish near the apostate derelict grace and it was significantly better. All kills were done with 274 item discovery, 99 arcane and the talisman.

                                  500 kills, 103 lilies, 20.6% drop rate

                                  I used a magic casting build and each run took me about a minute to complete however I think an arcane scaling dragon/incantation build would be much quicker for these.

                                  • I really wish they would just sell these at some merchant in unlimited amounts. Sleep isn't that useful most of the time, why limit it?

                                    • You can farm these from the jellyfish spirit behind "Apostate Derelict" (upper left corner of snow area) I find the drop rate here better than with the cleanrot knights in Caelid still rare tho

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The spirit jellyfish behind the "Apostate Derelict"(upper left corner of the snow area) drop them more frequently than the cleanrot knights in Caelid a way better farm point in my opinion

                                        • Anonymous

                                          why the hell cant these things be farmed like everything else? sleep isnt even that powerful of a status effect.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            You can farm these somewhat effectively (as they're a rare drop) by going to the Heart of Aeonia grace and leaving out the SW exit. There's two right outside the door (one is submerged on the left side of the exit), and go south from there to encounter another 2 (the second one is submerged in front of the curved tree just after the first one)

                                            • Anonymous

                                              There are so many repeats in this list. And one of them is straight up Arteria leafs not Trina's Lily. I know this game is new but >.>

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There's one at Waypoint Ruins on the ruin wall above the large poison flower that does not appear to be on this list currently. Looted from the corpse, either drop down from above or have decent torrent jumping skills to get it from ground level.

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