Exile Set

exile set elden ring wiki guide
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 24.4
VS Strike 19
VS Slash 25.4
VS Pierce 24.4
Magic 16
Fire 21.6
Ligt 13.6
Holy 19
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 65
Robustness 129
Focus 49
Vitality 41
Poise 40

Armor Set 21.8 Weight

Exile Set is an Armor Set in Elden Ring. Exile Set TALK A BIT ABOUT THE SET HERE. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.


Where to find Exile Set in Elden Ring


Exile Set Armor Pieces in Elden Ring


Exile Set Elden Ring Notes and Tips



All Exile Set Pieces for Elden Ring

You can check out all the Exile Set Armor Pieces here. Click on a piece's name individually to learn more about it.

Exile Hood

exile hood elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 4.4
VS Strike 3.4
VS Slash 4.6
VS Pierce 4.4
Magic 2.8
Fire 3.8
Ligt 2.3
Holy 3.4
Helm Wgt. 4.0

Exile Armor

exile armor elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 12.4
VS Strike 9.5
VS Slash 12.9
VS Pierce 12.4
Magic 8
Fire 10.9
Ligt 6.7
Holy 9.5
Immunity 28
Robustness 55
Focus 21
Vitality 18
Poise 19
Chest Armor Wgt. 9.2

Exile Gauntlets

exile gauntlets elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 2.9
VS Strike 2.1
VS Slash 3.1
VS Pierce 2.9
Magic 1.7
Fire 2.5
Ligt 1.5
Holy 2.1
Gauntlet Wgt. 2.9

Exile Greaves

exile greaves elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 7.1
VS Strike 5.4
VS Slash 7.4
VS Pierce 7.1
Magic 4.5
Fire 6.2
Ligt 3.8
Holy 5.4
Immunity 17
Robustness 34
Focus 13
Vitality 11
Poise 11
Leg Armor Wgt. 5.7




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    • Anonymous

      I adore the chest piece, looks like a byzantine soldier got woken up from his nap and decided to cosplay as Felix Jaeger

      • Anonymous

        "Oh look, a chest piece with a tall collar! It will look so cool when I shove an helmet in there like Nameless King's chestplate!"
        Then once you get it you find out that if you equip anything that is not a tight hood on it the tall collar will be taken down... Lame.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re looking for a similar shade of arm and leg armor, the Mausoleum Soldier arms and legs pair decently well with the rest of the armor.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure what everyone here is on about, but the chest piece in particular is more, *way* more Nameless King then Gael, particularly the chest.

            • Anonymous

              I love this set because it reminds me a lot of Slave Knight Gael, my favorite DS3 boss. Add off hand pulley crossbow and blasphemous blade on main hand to complete the look

              • Anonymous

                These guys are all over storm veil castle. Okay. But why isn't there a single Godrick soldier, Godrick footsoldier or Godrick Knight in the castle? Only exiled and banished knights..

                • Anonymous

                  the comments here just prove that none of you people have any idea what “matching” means. just because somethings red or made of silver metal does not mean it matches.

                  • I don't know why the courtyard is being recommended??

                    From the very same Grace (Tower Rampart) just go to the room before it (with the lift), go up the stairs, kill the lone Exile soldier that comes out, enter the little area where he came from, circle until you can come out, SIX Exile mobs will be outside in said little area.

                    30 seconds, 7 Exile Soldiers. You can kill an 8th if you want, he's above the lift and you have to jump to get to him so I never bothered. The 7 are more than enough.

                    The courtyard is just too time consuming.

                    • The Roderika's Red Hood and the exile armor chest piece match imo. It moves the big thing around the neck to little lower so it doesnt cover the entire face :p

                      • Anonymous

                        I've killed dozens of these guys and never gotten a piece of this set. From is out of their ****ing minds if they think I'll farm it.

                        • Anonymous

                          I've killed dozens of these guys and never gotten a piece of this set. From is out of their ****ing minds if they think I'll farm it.

                          • Anonymous

                            Nice looking set except for how the shawl goes up to your ears with the default hood. Anyone know any good alternative head pieces that keep the shawl down to the shoulders?

                            • Anonymous

                              This set looks great, but for ultimate Fashion Souls I wear the Foot Soldier cap-helmet with the Exile Armor chestpiece. It's one of the helmets that lowers the scarf a bit and it looks so damn GOOD.

                              • Anonymous

                                I got this set in 30 minutes near the courtyard where there's a bunch of the soldiers set up on multiple flamethrowers.

                                • Set is not able to be edited by tailoring and sewing needle.

                                  The red scarf on the chest piece goes up to the ears on most helmets or no helmet, but with some helmets (great helm, pumpkin helm, etc) the scarf is shorter and sits at shoulder level.

                                  Chest, legs, arms and helmet can be easily looted from guard mobs in Stormviel Castle (sp?), particularly through the back entrance.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Best farming spot check post below.
                                    Also, I can confirm the chest piece 100% drops from these guys, just farmed them for...let's just say for some time.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      1) Teleport to the Rampart bonfire
                                      2) Take the shortcut elevator down to where you killed the Grafted Scion
                                      3) Run across the room to the back left
                                      4) Consume a Silver Chicken Foot for Item Discovery
                                      5) Kill all of the Exile Warriors in the courtyard including the two in the wooden watchtowers and the four guarding the main gate
                                      6) I received the entire set in FOUR resets with this strategy in under 15min

                                      • Anonymous

                                        All i need is the brass armor gauntlents and greaves to have my DS3 armor set. That desert pyromancer hood was my favorite piece, this exile set is nostalgia juice.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If your farming for the set, try storming through the main gate of stormveil castle. Rush the left side to avoid the ballistas. Can comfortably aggro a few at a time from there

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The set is pretty rare.
                                            I’d suggest waiting for the weather event that boosts item discover and use the consumable Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot.
                                            I got the set after killing the first 3 Exile guards 5 times.

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