Errant Sorcerer Set

errant sorcerer set
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 9.7
VS Strike 9.7
VS Slash 13.3
VS Pierce 9.7
Magic 25.9
Fire 25.1
Ligt 24.6
Holy 25.9
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 90
Robustness 56
Focus 174
Vitality 186
Poise 18

Armor Set 11.3 Weight

Errant Sorcerer Set is an Armor Set in Elden Ring. The Errant Sorcerer Set is worn by Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.


Where to find Errant Sorcerer Set in Elden Ring


Errant Sorcerer Set Armor Pieces in Elden Ring


Errant Sorcerer Set Elden Ring Notes and Tips



All Errant Sorcerer Set Pieces for Elden Ring

You can check out all the Errant Sorcerer Set Armor Pieces here. Click on a piece's name individually to learn more about it.

Hierodas Glintstone Crown

hierodas glintstone crown elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 2.3
VS Strike 2.3
VS Slash 2.8
VS Pierce 2.3
Magic 4.9
Fire 4.7
Ligt 4.6
Holy 4.9
Immunity 20
Robustness 11
Focus 39
Vitality 42
Poise 4
Chest Armor Wgt. 3

Errant Sorcerer Robe

errant sorcerer robe altered armor elden ring wiki guide
Damage Negation
Phy 4.2
VS Strike 4.2
VS Slash 6.1
VS Pierce 4.2
Magic 13
Fire 12.6
Ligt 12.4
Holy 13
Immunity 35
Robustness 23
Focus 67
Vitality 71
Poise 8
Chest Armor Wgt. 4.1

Errant Sorcerer Manchettes

errant sorcerer manchettes armor elden ring wiki guide
Damage Negation
Phy 0.6
VS Strike 0.6
VS Slash 1.3
VS Pierce 0.6
Magic 3.2
Fire 3.1
Ligt 2.9
Holy 3.2
Immunity 11
Robustness 7
Focus 21
Vitality 22
Poise 1
Gauntlet Wgt. 1.1

Errant Sorcerer Boots

errant sorcerer boots altered armor elden ring wiki guide
Damage Negation
Phy 3
VS Strike 3
VS Slash 3.8
VS Pierce 3
Magic 7.6
Fire 7.3
Ligt 7.2
Holy 7.6
Immunity 24
Robustness 15
Focus 47
Vitality 51
Poise 5
Leg Armor Wgt. 3.1




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    • Anonymous

      Something I've noticed that I haven't seen anyone talk about is that with the sole exception of the headgear, this set is a near identical recreation of Big Hat Logan's set from DS1. Pair it with Preceptor's Big Hat for a nice Logan Cosplay.

      • Anonymous

        poor guy not only gets one of the least worn sets in the game but they don't even give him the good grace to have his set drop with the box art armor and instead have you pick it up in some backwater village in the ass end of a volcano

        • Anonymous

          Because of its aesthetic I use this (minus the headpiece) on my confessor to make him look like a traditional monk.

          • Anonymous

            Oddly enough, the face on all of the glintstone masks are designed after the faces of NPCs (Except for primeval sorcerers, their entire heads are just gemstones now); this one specifically has a very nicely modeled face underneath belonging to the NPC "Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm". It even has the beard, and plump face shape. Wilhelm might be the sorcerer who created the first primeval sorcery Founding Rain of Stars, but there's no other evidence of this beyond that he is a sorcerer who communed with the primeval current other than Azur, Lusat, and Rennala. Sort of just implied because of there not being another primeval sorcery directly linked to him like there is for Lusat and Azur. Anyways, it's a neato set to fit the "plump, but not comically smough fat" archetype for a character.

            • Anonymous

              The hem was where it says it was here, but the rest is actually in a house in the north west corner of the village. The house in the north east is inaccessible.

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