Iron Set

iron set
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 23.4
VS Strike 19.5
VS Slash 23.8
VS Pierce 22.7
Magic 15.7
Fire 20.2
Ligt 13.2
Holy 16.4
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 61
Robustness 108
Focus 36
Vitality 40
Poise 39

Armor Set 21 Weight

Iron Set is an Armor Set in Elden Ring. Iron Set is a Lightweight armor that provides ample protection against fire and Robustness Resistance. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.


Where to find Iron Set in Elden Ring

  • All pieces of the Iron Set can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant next to the Castle Morne Rampart site of grace. The Helmet, Gauntlets, and Trousers can each be purchased for 1500 runes, and the Armor can be purchased for 2400 runes. [Elden Ring Map here]


Iron Set Armor Pieces in Elden Ring


Iron Set Elden Ring Notes and Tips



All Iron Set Pieces for Elden Ring

You can check out all the Iron Set Armor Pieces here. Click on a piece's name individually to learn more about it.

Iron Helmet

iron helmet elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 4.4
VS Strike 3.1
VS Slash 4
VS Pierce 4.2
Magic 2.5
Fire 3.1
Ligt 2.3
Holy 3.1
Helm Wgt. 3.8

Scale Armor

scale armor elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 11.9
VS Strike 10.2
VS Slash 12.4
VS Pierce 10.9
Magic 7.1
Fire 10.9
Ligt 6.7
Holy 8
Immunity 25
Robustness 46
Focus 11
Vitality 21
Poise 18
Chest Armor Wgt. 8.8

Iron Gauntlets

iron gauntlets elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 2.8
VS Strike 2.3
VS Slash 2.9
VS Pierce 2.9
Magic 2.1
Fire 2.3
Ligt 1.5
Holy 1.9
Gauntlet Wgt. 2.9

Leather Trousers

leather trousers elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 6.5
VS Strike 5.4
VS Slash 6.8
VS Pierce 6.8
Magic 5
Fire 5.4
Ligt 3.4
Holy 4.5
Immunity 16
Robustness 29
Focus 11
Vitality 7
Poise 11
Leg Armor Wgt. 5.5




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    • Anonymous

      The best part about this set is that because of how it looks you can mix, and match to your heart's content!

      • Anonymous

        whats a rock lizard, why can I not eat it, who made this great looking armour? so many questions so little answers

        • Anonymous

          Started a new game, think the chain set is ugly but still need a quick armor set? Guess this one is for you.

          • Anonymous

            Favorite set, though gotta say, one certain gripe..
            Between liking it so much and finding it so early, lot the other armors throughout the journey ended up bit of a letdown in comparison. Not to say none the others are appealing, but any time I "switch it up", not long before I say, nope, back to my Scale gear lol.. This set, especially the Scale chest piece are on point.

            • Anonymous

              big fumito ueda vibes with this set. i love how much lore you can get from item descriptions in fromsoft games, but this set being one of the rare instances where we get almost none sparks my imagination. whose was this in the first place? where did they get rock lizard skin? why does it look mismatched? such great role play potential

              • Crackpot theory here: there was a scrapped starting class that used this set. Looking at where you buy this set, the merchant also sells a Bastard Sword, Round Shield, and Light Crossbow, of which the sword has a 16 Str/10 Dex requirement. 16 Str is the same level the Hero starting class has, while one point in dex meets that requirement. All three weapons means you'd be in heavy load, however, so 2 points into Endurance (14 total) and minus 2 from Arcane (9 total) would give you a baseline as such:

                - Vigour: 14
                - Mind: 9
                - Endurance: 14
                - Strength: 16
                - Dexterity: 10
                - Intelligence: 7
                - Faith: 8
                - Arcane: 9
                Total Level: 8

                For further evidence, a greatsword and a crossbow would be wholly unique equipment across all starting gear, even including Souls games. The armour description also sounds like a more practical starting gear description, detailing what protection each piece is good for.

                My theory is that FromSoft scrapped this class (likely Soldier) in favour of having the Hero class start with the battle axe and slightly more Arcane. Even if it's not true, the ENTIRE equipment set is available five minutes after you start the game, so you can play it exactly as such. It's such a good-looking set, too!

                • Anonymous

                  It looks cool and is only slightly less resistant in most stats than the Knight Set. The poise difference from that one is irrelevant as even 40 poise isn’t going to help you against anything. So, for those thinking this set is a mere stand-in while saving up for the Knight Set, don’t. This is just fine until you’re rolling in runes.

                  • Anonymous

                    Such a cool armor set, not flashy and over the top like the knight sets and I never liked wearing armor with others names on it, I'm the future elden lord I'll carve my own path

                    • Anonymous

                      This helmet + Kaiden Armor + Any fitting gauntlets and greaves (I recommend Vagabond's) and you have a great looking drip

                      • Anonymous

                        Kaiden Helm+Scale Armor+Iron Gauntlets+Knight Greaves = best looking armor in Elden.
                        You also get a decent amount of poise with this combination (33).

                        • Anonymous

                          This set annoys me so much. It's so close to being amazing, but a couple of things really hold it back for me. First is the helmet's brim and face mask being way too low. It should be just over the eyes, and the mask over the nose. Second is the cloth cape/scarf under the scale one. It looks really ugly and clashes with everything else that makes the set look good. Also clings to your body in a weird way. I wish it could be altered, and that part made removable.

                          • Anonymous

                            This set not only looks great but it also is really solid when it comes to defenses. The poison resistance on the helmet is good, the fire resistance on the chest piece is great, and the physical resistance is really solid for the amount of equip load you need to wear it. Overall it's a great all rounder set especially for early game.

                            • Anonymous

                              Skyrim cover set, the Dragonborn armor, is composed of an iron helmet, scale armor and iron gauntlets. The only difference between this and Skyrim's are the leggings (although leather boots is also an early armor piece), so I can't help but think that this is clearly a reference.

                              • Anonymous

                                Looks really good if you swap out the arms and legs for the scaled gauntlets and leggings. Better stats too, makes for a cool upgrade without changing the overall look and feel of the set much.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I like how this set is composed of different style pieces, leather, iron, the makeshift scale cloak, even the helmet looks improvised a bit. Gives it a weathered, storied vibe. The flavor text for each piece really adds to that. Not flashy but I think this is one of the nicest sets in the game.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Battlemage Leg and Arm Manchettes, this chest piece and Prophet Blindfold to make a savage looking Dragon Prophet

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This armor really has that hunter/barbarian/survivor vibe to it. Really makes me thing that I'm alone out here looking out for myself with people barely helping me and if I don't then I'll get killed. Makes me think before I act anytime, be smart and calculative about everything I do too. Not just that, it's also on the heavier side of medium armors so it's got goo damage reduction. Pair that with the iron greatsword and you pretty much have a monster hunter character now. Easily one of the best looking armors out there but aesthetically and functionally. 10/10

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Not a very fancy looking set, that my taste then. Don't need a fancy, flashy armor to be looking good after all.

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