Millicent's Set

armor set placeholder elden ring wiki guide
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 7.5
VS Strike 7.5
VS Slash 7.5
VS Pierce 4.8
Magic 22.9
Fire 21.6
Ligt 22.6
Holy 22.9
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 75
Robustness 41
Focus ???
Vitality 123
Poise 12

Armor Set 6.3 Weight

Millicent's Set is an Armor Set in Elden Ring. Millicent's Set is a light weight armor worn by Millicent the Rotting that is not currently obtainable. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.


Where to find Millicent's Set in Elden Ring

  • Currently unobtainable in-game.


Millicent's Set Armor Pieces in Elden Ring


Millicent's Set Elden Ring Notes and Tips



All Millicent's Set Pieces for Elden Ring

 You can check out all the Millicent's Set Armor Pieces here. Click on a piece's name individually to learn more about it.

Millicent's Robe

millicents robe elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 4.2
VS Strike 4.2
VS Slash 4.2.
VS Pierce 2.7
Magic 12.6
Fire 11.9
Ligt 12.4
Holy 12.6
Immunity 38
Robustness 21
Focus ??
Vitality 63
Poise 7
Chest Armor Wgt. 3.2

Millicent's Gloves

millicents gloves elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 1
VS Strike 1
VS Slash 1
VS Pierce 0.6
Magic 3.1
Fire 2.9
Ligt 3.1
Holy 3.1
Immunity 13
Robustness 7
Focus ??
Vitality 21
Poise 1
Gauntlet Wgt. 1.1

Millicent's Boots

millicents boots elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 2.3
VS Strike 2.3
VS Slash 2.3
VS Pierce 1.5
Magic 7.2
Fire 6.8
Ligt 7.1
Holy 7.2
Immunity 24
Robustness 13
Focus ??
Vitality 39
Poise 4
Leg Armor Wgt. 2





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    • Anonymous

      So I confirmed something I previously suspected in regards to Millicent's Set.

      This set was originally supposed to be obtainable, because the prosthesis included with this set is altered slightly to be more like a gauntlet than a metal arm, as there's no metal joint connecting the pieces at the elbow like Millicent has, just the player's sleeve. Just like with Malenia's armor set, her metal arm is altered to be a gauntlet worn over the player's arm.

      Millicent wears a special version of "Millicent's Set" that doesn't even have proper names or icons within the game. It just says something like "?ProtectorName?" and has no icon, but can still be equipped by only a female character if they manage to obtain it somehow. The special versions are of her chestpiece with the missing arm, and another with her actual metal arm. She has special gloves for both versions as well, and as you might expect, the missing arm version has gloves that turn one of her arms invisible. The golden prosthesis version has a slimmer metal arm that attaches to the metal joint of her unique prosthesis chestpiece.

      So FromSoft had these armor pieces modelled and ready to go for the player to be able to wear them, as evidenced by the change in design compared to what Millicent actually wears, but decided to cut it for whatever reason. Granted, isn't the first time they've done something like this. And this isn't the only armor set in the game that was completed but was still cut. But I can only imagine their reasoning is something like "Who in their right mind would take a girl's blood-soaked, rot-stained clothes and wear them?" Though with some of the other armor sets that the player can wear, I doubt Logic was the reason this armor set was made unobtainable. All we can really do is guess, sadly. I'm very much in the camp that wishes this armor set was available through normal means. May we all mourn together, fellow Millicent cosplayers.

      • Anonymous

        Whyyyyyy...i wanna do a millicent cosplay build. If we could do it with that prosthetic, that would be even cooler. Hopefully it's obtainable some day. Maybe dlc they'll re-release it?

        • Anonymous

          The reason these cannot be acquired by the player is probably because how Milicent's missing arm is coded. Instead of having a unique body type her clothes are making her right arm invisible. I imagine they would do the same thing to the player and it would look ridiculous. On top of that some players would probably try to combine it with unseen blade and do PvP with it. I know I would.

          • Anonymous

            There is also a "Millicent's Tunic" chestpiece that goes with this alongside the "Golden Prosthetic". They're essentially alterations to depict her with the prosthetic arm you give her in the questline.

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