Ronin's Set

ronin's set
damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 23
VS Strike 23
VS Slash 24.7
VS Pierce 23
Magic 25.6
Fire 26.8
Ligt 28.3
Holy 25.6
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 167
Robustness 125
Focus 132
Vitality 140
Poise 15

Armor Set 21.1 Weight

Ronin's Set is an Armor Set in Elden Ring. Ronin's Set is a medium weight set that is worn by Bloody Finger Hunter Yura. It is currently the most weight-efficient set for the amount of protection it offers, by a relatively wide margin, though the greaves are less efficient. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.


Where to find Ronin's Set in Elden Ring

  • To acquire his armor the player must finish Yura's questline.
  • Alternatively, if Yura has been possessed by Shabiri they will be standing near Zamor Ruins in Mountaintops of the Giants. Killing them will allow you to loot the armor. [Elden Ring Map here]
  • the armor is also obtainable from the same location after accepting the flame of frenzy from the Three Fingers

    Note that killing Yura at an earlier stage will not provide the armour, but it will also not prevent Shabriri from possessing him.

Note: If you kill Shabriri at first meeting he will drop the Ronin Set.


Ronin's SetArmor Pieces in Elden Ring


Ronin's Set Elden Ring Notes and Tips

  • Like many other sets with capes, the chest piece can be altered to remove it.


All Ronin's Set Pieces for Elden Ring

You can check out all the Ronin's Set Armor Pieces here. Click on a piece's name individually to learn more about it. 

Iron Kasa

iron kasa elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 3.6
VS Strike 3.6
VS Slash 4.2
VS Pierce 3.6
Magic 4.0
Fire 4.2
Ligt 4.4
Holy 4
Immunity 30
Robustness 23
Focus 24
Vitality 24
Poise 2
Helm Wgt. 3.8

Ronin's Armor

ronins armor elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 10.5
VS Strike 10.5
VS Slash 11.2
VS Pierce 10.5
Magic 11.9
Fire 12.4
Ligt 13.4
Holy 11.9
Immunity 66
Robustness 48
Focus 52
Vitality 57
Poise 6
Chest Armor Wgt. 8.5

Ronin's Gauntlets

ronins gauntlets elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 2.7
VS Strike 2.7
VS Slash 2.8
VS Pierce 2.7
Magic 2.9
Fire 3.1
Ligt 3.2
Holy 2.9
Immunity 25
Robustness 19
Focus 20
Vitality 21
Poise 2
Gauntlet Wgt. 3.1

Ronin's Greaves

ronins greaves elden ring wiki guide 200px
Damage Negation
Phy 6.2
VS Strike 6.2
VS Slash 6.5
VS Pierce 6.2
Magic 6.8
Fire 7.1
Ligt 7.3
Holy 6.8
Immunity 46
Robustness 35
Focus 36
Vitality 38
Poise 5
Leg Armor Wgt. 5.7




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    • Anonymous

      I will not make a titan fall 2 joke I will not make a titan fall 2 joke I will not make a titan fall 2 joke I will not make a titan fall 2 joke

      • Anonymous

        I don't get the comment about its weight-efficiency. All the medium armors seem to be about on par. You get the Iron Set way, way earlier, and it really doesn't change a lot. The set's cosmetic, really.

        • Anonymous

          Pair the set with the Vagabond Knight's helm and you have yourself a "DS1 elite knight fallen on hard times" cos play. Works with the hooded Banished Knight's helm too as cloak matches.

          • Am I the only one that thinks the Ronin Set looks suspiciously like the Elite Knight Set?

            Obviously with the Samurai inspired helmet it is not but the boots and gloves match the Elite Knight set almost exact. The altered version of the chest piece is also similar, minus the tools on the belt, armor on the right shoulder, and a differing pattern of chainmail.
            But the resemblance is uncanny.

            Obviously ER is not in the DS universe, but it wouldn't be a stretch to connect the DS lore to Shabiri and the Frenzied Flame. Bonfires and all that

            • Anonymous

              One thing I just noticed with the defense totals on the wiki, they seem to only add the armor damage reductions together, rather than calculating the total damage reduction multiplicatively, which gives diminishing returns. For example, your negation for strike damage with this set is not just 23, which is just the sum of the strike negation of each piece. You negate the damage by one piece at a time, and negating damage from the result afterwards with every other piece. So you start with 10.5% strike damage reduction with the chestpiece, giving a multiplier of 0.895 or 10.5 negation. You then reduce this new multiplier by 6.2% for the legs, bring it to 0.8395 or 16.05 negation, instead of 16.7 which would be their total by adding up. When the other two armor pieces are calculated, it comes to a multiplier of 0.7874 or 21.26% damage negation, instead of 23. I just realized now that the wiki got this wrong about the total negation of most armor sets.

              • Anonymous

                Looks rather nice with Black Wolf mask and leather pants, fits in with my Barbaric roar style. I'd love to know what the metal ring is on the belt, a chakra? And the horn, pipe thing. The details are nice, the pouch and the rope belt thing, the armoured sleeve and the ragged but richly embroidered cloak. One of the nicest armours.

                • Anonymous

                  There's no need to clear Yura's quest for this. On NG+ I rushed straight to the Mountaintops after getting the Flame of Frenzy, and the armor drop was in the usual place Shabriri is located. Pretty sure if you don't get the flame he'll be there alive and you can kill him for the set.

                  • Anonymous

                    This set is probably the GOAT of the light sets, it’s low weight and decent absorption and stat resistances. The low poise is the only real downside.

                    • Anonymous

                      i don't think you need to do yura's questline past the point where you get reduvia. I just killed shabriri and the set dropped

                      • Anonymous

                        Necessary to mention that the "unique benefit" of the Ronin's Armor, Gauntlets and Greaves, are that the three of them are VERY Damage Absorption / weight efficient at the cost of a great deal of Poise, and a notable loss in Robustness (Frostbite / Bleed resistance, which are likely going to proc frequently regardless) with all other status effects raised. They also are possessed of uniquely strong Lightning Absorption as well.

                        This makes the set highly competitive for Blocking + Thrusting Weapon-based characters as you need less Poise and more elemental Absorptions, though you likely will want a different helmet, which works out well for the Elden Bling endgame.

                        • Anonymous

                          I can't find this guy I've been all around the ruins and have completed yura's questline. No where to be seen in my game

                          • Anonymous

                            Just a recommendation, use this set with okina mask, it looks dope as hell! Couldn't find a better combination for my samurai.

                            • Anonymous

                              In regards to "To acquire his armor the player must finish Yura's questline", I'm in NG+ (journey 2) and I just discovered that if you RUSH through the game from start to the Land of Giants, without exploring at all, you'll find this set lying on the ground where Yura is killed as Shabriri. I did the quest the first time, and in NG+ I didn't even saw him once.

                              • Anonymous

                                Is anybody willing to trade for this set I ended up effing the quest so I’m locked out of it I’m on ps4 if anyone is interested

                                • Anonymous

                                  Found his armour next to the first Bonfire in the snow area after the Grand Lift. On my previous playthrough he was stood here preaching about the Frenzied Flame. I finished the Hyette quest and accepted the Three Fingers before coming here, so maybe that's why the armour was there instead of him.

                                  • Not calling it a reference, but aside from the helm, this set feels very reminiscent of Wolf’s set in Sekiro. And the helmet just adds to the feel of the rugged ronin/disgraced shinobi vibe.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I obtained the armor at the Zamor Ruins location after killing the final boss (while also curing myself before hand of the frenzied flame ending using the needle). It was lying where the fake Yura npc was standing (he seems to disappear if you cure yourself or finish the game).

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I've only got his warning about the dragon, then he helped me with the invader near Patches' cave. I missed the rest of his questline yet I've just found his set sitting next to Zamor Ruins Grace.

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