Radahn's Rain

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Archery skill performed from a low stance.
Ready the bow and fire a sudden flurry of arrows up into the sky. The arrows will pour on foes like rain.

Radahn's Rain is a Skill in Elden Ring. Radahn's Rain is a unique skill to the Lion Greatbow.  It allows the user to fire a flurry of arrows and let it rain onto foes within range.


How to get Radahn's Rain


Elden Ring Radahn's Rain Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: - (32 -)
  • This Skill is not Chargeable.
  • Visually and functionally similar to Rain of Arrows, but the power is boosted with usage of Radahn's Spears.



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    • Anonymous

      The FP cost is 32, I just checked, but is there a reason for it being like 50% more FP cost than Rain of Arrows? Or is it just the synergy with the greatbow's passive? Cause that would make this very situationally optimal.

      • Anonymous

        What is that you say? Trouble with elden beast becease he keeps swimming away from to spam from afar? Then god person why not use range aswel get your counter to cowardly big bosses today.

        • Anonymous

          I can only get the Lion bow to fire a single arrow using Radahn's Rain. How do I get it to showering arrows? I'm on PC and can't find a combination that works.

          • Anonymous

            A single use of this skill can deal 41 total poise damage on bosses if all 17 hits land, which is about as much poise damage as the old Flame of Redmanes skill; this is also what makes it superior to the Rain of Arrows skill as they have the same poise damage per hit but the latter only deals 12 hits instead. If you can't get crits out of the staggers, then that's still fine, cause this also hits like a truck by itself.

            • Anonymous

              does anyone know if this skill works with talismans like rotten winged sword insignia or lance talisman for the extra damage on consecutive hits and counter attacks respectively?

              • Anonymous

                I just did a very brief test between the Lion Bow and the greatbow with rain of arrows AoW
                Firing on the left tree sentinel (of the pair) from behind the gates in Leyndell

                The greatbow is +14, and the lion bow +6, to keep the damage numbers consistently close at 408 and 410 total AR respectively (not including arrows)

                The greatbow with rain consistently dealt above 900 damage, recorded two numbers are 934 and 1081

                The lion bow using regular great arrows dealt 435 and 398 damage by my testing. There were many more arrows in this rain, but the target wasn't big enough to be in the entire radius it seems.
                Using the radahns spear as ammo, I got 523 damage.

                To summarize, use the Lion bow for very large targets, and you may get more damage off the skill. Or use the greatbow and rain AoW to get more consistent damage at lower FP cost.

                • Anonymous

                  On PS5 I cannot seem to getRadahns Rain to work. I hold down L2 skill button character crouches into stance fire arrows with R1 or R2 but the arrows fall back down on me instead of the intended target SMH what am I doing wrong here?

                  • Anonymous

                    I tested rain of arrows and it has a strange interaction with the number 7. Each arrow (out of the volley of 12) applies 7/12 of the damage and status of the consumed arrow. Radahn's Rain shoots 17 arrows, and each arrow does about 70% of the damage compared to rain of arrows (on a +0 Great Bow, same damage as +0 Lion's Greatbow). This seems to suggest that the total volley damage is 7 times the arrow consumed, which means this is just a worse version of rain of arrows since it consumes more FP. This math is cracked out, someone please dig through the game files.

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