Miquella's Ring of Light

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Summon Miquella's shining halo and fire it forwards.
Can be fired in rapid succession.

Miquella's Ring of Light is a Skill in Elden Ring. Miquella's Ring of Light is a skill that is available for the Halo Scythe. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Miquella's Ring of Light in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Miquella's Ring of Light Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 11
  • Deals 4 stance damage
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This skill has a delay before it launches. Enemies which dodge will frequently dodge the weapon-swing, then get hit by the delayed ring.
  • NOTE: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: Damage Detection has been added to the weapon part.
  • Other notes and tips go here.



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    • Anonymous

      One of, if not the best AOWs in the game IMO. Can easily carry you through the whole game without even using the weapon itself. Damage is nutty, kill nearly everything in 1 or 2 hits and you'll be constantly surprised at how far away you're able to land them. FP efficient and spammable. Most importantly looks and feels awesome. Adds more depth to a golden order build so you're not just tossing around Discus for a hundred hours. Highly recommend

      • Anonymous

        Why doesn't this game tell you what type of dmg an attack is? I still don't know if this is holy dmg. Looks like it but who knows?!?!

        • Anonymous

          This skill seems to be a bit unreliable for me. It sometimes just decides jitter around a bit and then go in random directions. Anyone here got the same problem?

          • Anonymous

            Did a test to see if and how this scales using the Haligtree soldier just north of the Prayer Room Grace site.

            65 Str
            55 Fai
            19 Dex
            I only tested it at two upgrade points, to ensure that the ability actually does scale. I'm not sure if any of the stats are involved (probably are).

            Base Level: 124 Damage
            Halo Scythe +6: 493 Damage

            I hope this helps, though it's not much.

            • Anonymous

              For the people asking where to get this: THIS version is unique and tied to the Halo Scythe.

              The Ashes of War variant is called the Sacred Ring of Light and is obtained from a scarab on the north-ish end of the right side of the swamp in the center of Caelid.

              This specific version is 'better' than the simple Sacred Ring of Light by having:

              More damage
              More range
              A larger projectile

              The downside - it you can call it that - is that it is tied to a weapon that can't be infused, so it's a bit less versatile.

              • Anonymous

                how can i increase the damage of this skill besides buffs and upgrading weapon?

                which stat will increases the skills damage?

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