Thops's Barrier

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Erect a magical forcefield while swinging the shield to deflect sorceries and incantations. Can also be used in the same way as a regular parry.

Thops's Barrier is a Skill in Elden Ring. Thops's Barrier is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War that can be used on shields.


How to get Thops's Barrier


Elden Ring Thops's Barrier Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Thops's Barrier.
  • FP Cost: 0
  • Thops's Barrier has 6 start-up frames and 4 parry frames at 30 FPS. Double the values for data at 60 FPS.
  • See Parrying for detailed information on the mechanic and a comparison of different parry skills.

Click below for Thops's Barrier recovery frame data. Note that left-hand attacks are only possible after parrying with a shield if you're holding that shield in your right hand.

See Thops's Barrier recovery frames at 30 FPS (click to reveal)
  • Roll/Crouch: 15
  • Ash of War: 16
  • Right-hand attack: 13
  • Left-hand attack: 13
  • Block: 14
  • Quick item use: 15
  • Item use: 16
  • Walk: 17




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    • Anonymous

      I could see it being used more, if it was buffed in several ways:
      1. Make it as good of a parry tool as carian retaliation or at least a buckler or a small shield.
      2. Dampen the sound that it makes.
      3. Either make spell deflection range longer or make it linger for a bit to be able to block (or semi block) multi hit spells.
      As is though it gets outclassed both in pve and pvp by both carian retaliation and golden parry...

      • Anonymous

        Anyone has tried to see how effective it is against spells like Star of Ruin? I'm wandering how much it would help.

        • Anonymous

          Attention mages: this spell blocks Elden Stars (in PvE anyway). Eternal Darkness does *not*.

          Still not sure blocking Elden Stars is best, since some do get through in the window between chain castings of this.

          • Anonymous

            Its also a spell you can get from thops body at the academy. Didnt know it was an ash of war til I saw this.

            • Anonymous

              If you can't find it on the island, go to the Church of Irith. I found the scarab there after Thops moved.

              • Anonymous

                It seems you have to give the 2nd Glintstone Key from Raya Lucaria to Thops, then reloading the area in the church where Thops was appear a "ball-bug" that drop Thops's Barrier

                • It seems the location of this ash war changed after patch 1.03 because it gave me Somber Smithing Stone 2 instead.
                  Anyone knows where the new location is?

                  • Anonymous

                    I didn't get this from the scarab at the location shown (small isle west of the Academy). I don't recall what I got there, but I've definitely killed that scarab and don't have this in my inventory. Possibly location changed with 1.03 update?

                    • Anonymous

                      Is the frame timing for parrying melee attacks the same as the visual animation frames from Thops's Barrier? If so, that might make this a good tool for training yourself how to parry. Give you a visual indication of when to line up your L2 press...

                      • Anonymous

                        Very useless against spells like Lorettas bow that have AOE effects. You'll still take damage. It's better to just roll or block.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you use a whetstone to change the affinity back to normal it's a straight upgrade over regular parry, allowing you to path parry melee attacks and spells without any of the potential downsides of the default magic affinity.

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