Lord Contender's Evergaol

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A Tarnished that was the closest to becoming Elden Lord, locked away after being seduced by the flame of frenzy.

Lord Contender's Evergaol is a Location in Elden Ring. The Lord Contender's Evergaol is found in Mountaintops of the Giants. Found at the southwest bank of the frozen lake. Activate it to fight Roundtable Knight Vyke.


Lord Contender's Evergaol Map

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  • No NPCs or Merchants found in this location.


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  • No gather and farm items in this location.


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  • No upgrade materials found in this location.


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  • No Uniques, Ashes and Keys found in this location.


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Lord Contender's Evergaol Walkthrough

Like most Evergaols in Elden Ring, the area is also surrounded by Abnormal Stone Clusters. Upon activating the Evergaol, Roundtable Knight Vyke will spawn in the area.

This is a boss fight, and Vyke is also considered as an NPC, so he will be able to use a single flask to heal. His attacks mostly deal lightning damage. Most of his combo strings are also interruptible, so try to bait him into attacking you and when he whiffs, try going in within range to attack. But do not strike him when you see him leap into the air and perform a plunge to the ground, you cannot interrupt him during this attack. Doing so may cost you your life, as it deals a lot of damage, and it will also stun you due to the whirlwind effect, and one more hit could immediately kill you. Best way to fight him is to stay on your right and keep dodging right, since he will keep his spear on his right hand and never two-hand the weapon.

He has two long range spells that he can utilize, the first one is called Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, where he summons two red lightning spears and throws them to the ground, that then spread in four different directions from where he is standing. The other one is Lightning Strike, you would need to pay attention to his hand, it will light up before he performs the attack, bolts of lightning will start striking in your direction. The best way to avoid this is to just run in one direction continuously until he stops the spell. He will also buff with Vyke's Dragonbolt, giving him lightning damage on his weapon, at the cost of lowering his Lightning Damage negstion.

Upon defeating Vyke, you will receive Vyke's Dragonbolt, as well as the Fingerprint Set.


Elden Ring Lord Contender's Evergaol Gallery and Notes

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    • Flame, Grant Me Strength with Faith/Fire Physick and three full casts of Magma Shower from the Magma Blade shredded this guy. He staggered between each cast and couldn't do anything. EZ.

      • Anonymous

        After trying to BONK him and failing miserably at it, I cheesed him. Bolt of Gransax: Ancient Lightning Spear stunned/melted him in 5 casts (90FP with Carian Filigreed Crest).

        • Anonymous

          Vyke’s Dragonbolt is actually worse than useless, other than cladding your weapon in lightning (same damage as Electrify Armament), the only other benefit is a small boost to equip load, and you’re trading possibly all of your lightning defense or even getting negative lightning defense. Electrify Armament and Dragonbolt Blessing are simply better except in the niche situation where you’re strapped for FP.

          The good news is, Vyke will use it during the fight. So have fun electrocuting him to death, he’s weak to lightning while it’s active. Cheers.

          • Anonymous

            I really enjoyed that fight, Aden at Liurnia and ancient hero of zamor at weeping peninsula were nothing like this one with knight vyke. Both were over in less than two minutes because of how much damage Aden took from chilling mist AoW and hero of zamor was the same with fire grease they were a let down.

            • people in these comments getting vigor checked even in pve...at that point just respec to your starting class' base vigor and go full glass cannon and it would be an easier time

              • Anonymous

                KInda cheesy, but if you use the Black Flame Tornado as soon as he spawns in, you can keep him locked in place, and kill him quickly

                • Anonymous

                  His jump attack is absolutely obnoxious. OHKO damage at 40 vigor, can stunlock you from the startup animation, even the GUST he stirred up can damage you.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Flame of Frenzy worked for me. Just ran until i had decent distance and spammed that spell. Took a couple swings at him once I knocked him down.

                    • Anonymous

                      Be warned that you should NOT attack him more than 3 times while hitting from behind even if it seems like you can keep stag him. (Also, you can't crits from the back or at least, if it's possible the windows is the tiniest I have ever seen in this game). If you hit more than 3 time, on the 4th time, Vyke will instantly do a wind tornado attack all around (which can't be evaded due to the fact that it's cast WHILE you hit) and you'll be staggered for the following attack which is the 2-lightning rod ground strike which, in 99% of the cases, is an 1-hit kill against you. Basically, this seems to be how the devs made it impossible to lock him from behind. (Its AI fails to do anything otherwise while you hit from behind fast enough.)

                      • Anonymous

                        Despite playing like an invader, he’s inexplicably immune to bleed. I think he has a special version of the Dragonbolt spell that also grants him massive Poise. When it’s active, he’ll just poise straight through your attacks to trade blows.

                        • Anonymous

                          Has anyone figured out the trigger to allow you access to the Evergoal?
                          I'm unsure why, but it is inaccessible for me and I'm unsure how to fight him. (I fought his invasion earlier, and There's no stonesword key imp.)

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