Seluvis's Rise

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A tower bequeathed unto Preceptor Seluvis. Serves as his personal study as he delves into the sorcerous arts.

Seluvis's Rise is a Location in Elden Ring. Seluvis's Rise is one of three towers found in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. This tower is found in the southwest section of Three Sisters. The entrance is initially blocked until you speak to Ranni at Ranni's Rise for the first time.


Seluvis's Rise Map

Seluvis's Rise is the tower located in the southwest of the Three Sisters sub-region. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Seluvis's Rise


Seluvis's Rise Walkthrough

When first arriving at the Three Sisters, the entrance to Seluvis's Rise is blocked by a barrier. It is unlocked only after speaking to Ranni the Witch atop Ranni's Rise in the northwest and subsequently being invited by Preceptor Seluvis.

Once invited, you will find Seluvis at the ground floor who hands you Seluvis's Potion and tasks you with finding a woman named Nepheli.

You can climb the ladder behind Seluvis to reach the top floor of his tower where you will find a chest with a Memory Stone inside.

Outside, in a ruin between Ranni's Rise and Renna's Rise, there is an illusory wall / floor on the ground, that can be opened by attacking or rolling on it. This leads to a bunch of frozen characters and a note that says "Seluvis' Puppet. Do not touch". There is another Illusory Wall just to the left of this that reveals what appears to be a puppet of Sorceress Sellen.


All Items in Elden Ring's Seluvis's Rise

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Elden Ring Seluvis's Rise Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Elden Ring Seluvis's Rise Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      It's important to note that if you progress too fast in the Lord of Frenzy questline, you will alienate Ranni, and will be locked out of Seluvis's Rise indefinitely.

      • Anonymous

        pro tip, when you find seluvis's workshop where he keeps his dirty little secrets, put a marker down on the map. I'm having just as much trouble finding it now as I did first time around.

        • Anonymous

          Black Wolf Mask can be found by jumping onto the outer wall of Seluvis's Rise from the middle section after going up the ladder.

          • "A tower bequeathed unto Preceptor Seluvis. Serves as his personal study as he delves into the sorcerous arts."
            I am so confused by this description. Where does it come from? Which item description or dialogue says this tower is "bequeathed unto Seluvis"?

            • Anonymous

              If you use the primal glintstone on the doll Sellen will come back to life and claims she will return to the Academy

              • Anonymous

                The fact that the Sellen doll is hanging out in his bedchambers next to his bed has some... disturbing implications.

                • Anonymous

                  Who writes these awful guides? "Outside" as others said is by RANNI'S Rise, on the ground in a ruins where one sorcerer dude is. Straighten this garbage out, the more voices the better.

                  • Anonymous

                    This is the most annoying bot* ever. I talked to ranni and went downstairs to the ground floor and still cannot find seluvis ANYWHERE. So i cant be invited to his tower

                    • Anonymous

                      The entrance to his secret basement is found outside of Ranni's Rise, in a nearby ruins. You will find a sorcerer and behind hm is the Illusionary wall on the ground.

                      • Hey i was following the questline when Blaidd asked me to talk to Seluvis, so i travelled to him, and he wasn't in his tower, so i thought maybe i missed something with Blaidd and went back to him.... And now he attacks me for a reason i don't know !!!! Am I doomed ?

                        • Anonymous

                          The puppet is not sellen. She is still in the waypoint ruins in my game, but there's still a puppet in the room. It's not the Sorceress trapped in Witchbane either.
                          It's just another Sorceress from the same academy. Likely just a random student Seluvis took in. RIP.

                          • Anonymous

                            oh man... after you give the potion to the woman he tells you about she appears in his puppet room too, this guy is a psycho

                            • Anonymous

                              Outsides means the ruin IN FRONT of rannis rise. i hit the ground with my hammer until a stair way lead me down. the dosent seem to be anything here. there is another wall in the middle wall.

                              • Anonymous

                                you can find Blaidd's mask if you jump up from the broken wall right side of the building, the mask is at the top of the broken wall behind Seluvis's Rise.

                                • Awful description of where the illusory wall is. It's closer to Ranni's Rise than Seluvis'. There is a ruins area northeast of Ranni's Rise, I don't think I can post a screenshot of it, but it's pretty easy to spot. Has archways and an Aristocrat mob that shoots magic at you then teleports. Roll around in between the archway pillars and you'll clear the illusory floor and be able to access Seluvis' weird puppet dungeon. There's another illusory wall, straight ahead from where you enter the room, that houses Sellen's "puppet".

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