Ranni's Rise

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A tower beset by large chunks of glintstone emerging from the ground and penetrating its interiors. Home to a mysterious figure observing The Lands Between.

Ranni's Rise is a Location in Elden Ring. Ranni's Rise is one of three towers found in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. The tower is found in the western section of Three Sisters. When first visiting the area, this is the only tower that is initially accessible.


Ranni's Rise Map

Ranni's Rise is the western tower located in the Three Sisters sub-region. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Ranni's Rise


All Items in Elden Ring's Ranni's Rise

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  • There are no gatherble items in this location


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  • There are no upgrade material items in this location


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  • There are no equipment items in this location


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Elden Ring Ranni's Rise Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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  • There are no Creatures or Enemies at this location


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  • There are no Bosses at this location


Ranni's Rise Walkthrough

Ranni's Rise is found to the west of the Three Sisters sub-region. When first entering the area, you may come across Renna's Rise and Seluvis's Rise but these two are blocked by a magical seal, preventing entry. The only tower accessible initially is Ranni's Rise. Head into the tower and up to the first floor to find its Site of Grace. Look for a lift on this floor which will take you to the top of the tower where you will meet Ranni the Witch.

Ranni will ask for your servitude and will set you off on a quest to find the hidden treasure of Nokron. (If she refuses to give you the quest, try returning to the Roundtable Hold to speak to Rogier once more.) She asks that you speak to three other persons in her service: BlaiddWar Counselor Iji, and Preceptor Seluvis. These three NPCs will then appear on the first floor (in spectral form as their actual locations are elsewhere). A fog wall will surround Ranni's Rise, temporarily turning it into a safe zone. Speak to all three of the aforementioned NPCs. Iji will simply acknowledge that you are both now in service of the Lady, while Blaidd will ask you to meet him in Mistwood at the Siofra River Well. Seluvis will ask that you meet him at his tower in the south. Oblige and return upstairs to speak to Ranni, and she will tell you that she will go into a deep slumber. This will remove the fog wall. Lastly, head to Seluvis's Rise to acquire a task from him.


Elden Ring Ranni's Rise Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I've done quite a few playthroughs so far, and in NONE of them did Blaidd's spectral form show up here for introductions. It's always just been Iji and Seluvis's projections. Even after meeting Blaidd in Mistwood, helping him with the bloodhound evergaol, meeting him at and after Radahn's fight, he NEVER showed up here. I can see messages around where he should be standing "Behold, Dog!" etc. What's the trigger that causes him to appear here?

      • Anonymous

        That area of the game is super broken. You can tell how the game struggles to load because of the surrounding areas. When i look over the hill down to Luirnia of the Lakes the game freezes is too much input.

        • Anonymous

          Went to interact with the Spector of Iji and my FPS dropped down to next to nothing. It took me almost 2 minutes to get the system tab open and quit the game, in hopes that will fix it. This is my 2nd game (new character) and I didn't have this problem in my previous game.

          • After completing Ranni's quest line and going back to her tower to face Blaidd, there is a dead body laying outside at the foot of the stairs. Whose is it? And what set is that beautiful silver and blue armor its wearing?

            • So, i don't remember the page that i saw it on, but a bunch of people seemed confused about the grace that appears at the top of the tower, that points to Renna's rise. It actually appears once Ranni leaves the tower, and is trying to point you in the direction of how to continue her questline. Just found that out a little while before writing this.

              • Anonymous

                Fought the dragon first, he disappeared half way through the fight and never respawned. The tower is empty.

                • So, there are 3 wolves chilling outside the place. Could there be a connection between those wolves and the 3 lone wolves from the Spirit Ash Ranni/Renna gave us back in Limgrave?

                  • Anonymous

                    I went into Radahn’s fight without spraking to either Ranni nor Blaidd and that caused Ranni to not be in the tower and Blaidd to not appear within the mistwood ruins. Instead when i defeated Radahn, she appeared, but Buidd was missing and so i went to the evergaol( which i had defeated), where he had been trapped.

                    • Anonymous

                      Do you have to slay some bosses to before accepting renna's quest?
                      Because i accepted and inmediatly on screen appeared a great enemy felled

                      • Anonymous


                        • Not sure what I triggered but I talked to Ranni for the first time after defeating Radahn, and she makes no mention of Blaidd nor is he in the tower. I did summon him for the Radahn fight and he survived. Quest seems to be progressing normally though

                          • Anonymous

                            Also if you enter redmane before meeting ranni at her tower she disappears until after you defeat radahn. Then the quest will continue progressing

                            • Anonymous

                              So what's the deal with the red wolf in the graveyard? I killed it but it dropped nothing. Is that normal or have I been glitched out of an item?

                              • Anonymous

                                There is another site of grace at the top of the tower where Ranni once was, I found it after completing her game ending. You can talk to her there and the site of grave will then point in the direction of Renna's tower but I haven't found anything after that

                                • Anonymous

                                  The Dragon in front of the tower will often despawn by flying too far from the combat area. If he despawns while you are close enough to the tower, there's a chance he won't come back at all. Walking in the tower and talking to Ranni and the boys wil result in you not being to walk out of the tower. I seemed to exhause all their dialogue and still couldn't sleep and walk out. You have to jump off and die basically. But the dragon seems to never spawn ever again.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I met Ranni at the church, and ended up at the tower before finishing Rogier's quest. So then I gave his the knife, did all that, he told he where to find her, but she's still not there for me. Only thing I can think of that I haven't done is just "pass time" by beating some random dungeon/boss.

                                    Anyone have any other ideas why she might not be appearing? I have no sign to absolve at the church, I checked.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      FOR ANYONE WHO CANT SEE HER its probably because you attacked blaidd earlier on (I had to see if he dropped that sick armor). absolve your sins at the church of vows and she should show up again

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I talked to Ranni about the dagger, she told me it was not there and then stopped talking. Unable to start her questline and the 3 guys dont show up. Maybe its because i joined red manor, maybe because i havent progressed enough in the game or missed a necessary quest.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          i can confirm, after taking to witch and 3 people below we must go back to witch and talk to leave this tower, otherwise travel is blocked and there is a magic barrier

                                          • Anonymous

                                            IF YOU GET STUCK INSIDE THE TOWER:
                                            After you talk to Ranni and talk with Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis, Ranni will get new dialogue, if you don't exhaust the new dialogue, you can't leave

                                            • Anonymous

                                              ok so, in case anyone is wondering, in order for her to appear, I had to do the black knife thing quest. You need to fight a secret boss in the black knife catacombs. After that I had to spoke to Rogier the wizard dude, and THEN I could see the witch.
                                              Hope it helps.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If anyone ends up getting stuck in the tower once talking to Ranni (The issue with the invisible wall) what fixed it for me was going back through the tower, exhausting dialogue with all 3 of the NPCs, and going back up to talk to Ranni again. It unlocked another line of dialogue with her and then despawned the NPCs and allowed me to leave.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  rode past the dragon and went in, spoke with all the NPC's, however now I am barrier locked inside of the building and can not fast travel to any site of grace.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Anyone else having issues with the tower being empty? Anyone know how to fix this? I did talk to her at the beginning of the game.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Ranni isn't there for me when I go to the top of the tower, is anybody else having this issue? I also missed her in the church in the beginning... Nowhere to be seen

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Huge Warning! When you fight the dragon in front of the tower if he Despawns or resets DO NOT GO INTO THE TOWER, you get forced behind an invisable wall and you're unable to fast travel out. I had to delete an 18 hour save because of this glitch.

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