Warmaster's Shack

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Small shack in a remote area near north-central Stormhill.

Warmaster's Shack is a Location in Elden Ring. Warmaster's Shack is found in Stormhill. Players can acquire Ashes of War and find some respite at this location's Site of Grace, before venturing forth into the storm.


Warmaster's Shack Map for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Warmaster's Shack

  • Knight Bernahl - A Tarnished Knight longing to pass on his battle arts. Sells Ashes of War.
  • Bell Bearing Hunter spawns at night. At the Site of Grace, pass time until night. Then rest again at the site (without passing time). Finally, enter the shack to spawn the hunter.



All Items in Elden Ring's Warmaster's Shack

Gather & Farm Items

  • Herba
  • Erdleaf Flower (Infinite Farm by resting at Grace)


Upgrade Materials

  • There are no upgrade materials in this location


Equipment and Magic

  • There are no equipment in this location



Warmaster's Shack Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

Regular Creatures and Enemies

  • There are no Creatures or Enemies at this location


Field Bosses and Bosses


Elden Ring Warmaster's Shack Walkthrough

Your main point of interest in this location is the merchant, Knight Bernahl who will sell you various Ashes of War. Beware not to visit this location at night as the NPC is replaced by a Boss Fight encounter with the Bell Bearing Hunter. This Boss spawns only at night. The quickest way to spawn the boss is to rest at the Warmaster's Shack, advance time to night, then rest again. You must enter the shack to make him spawn. He drops the Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing. There is also an Erdleaf Flower next to the Site of Grace that can be infinitely farmed by resting.


Elden Ring Warmaster's Shack Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      For me, when I tried to get the boss to spawn, it only worked after I changed an ash of war while there, though I don't remember if I changed an ash of war earlier. Don't know why it didn't work before that, but I had a similar issue with the Church of Vows, and it was only after I picked up a celestial dew that it would spawn, though it was a long time between trying to get the boss to spawn and finally picking up the item and checking again.

      • I'm fairly certain the reason why he (and every other NPC that can spawn it for that matter) doesn't get replaced by the boss at night sometimes is because you entered the area and loaded him in while it was still an earlier time of day and it naturally became night. When this happens, for whatever reason, even if you rest at the grace right by his shack and change the time to night, the game doesn't update the boss event trigger and he will still be at the shack. It's possible buying something from his inventory resets the event, but if you really don't need any of his AoW, you can fix it without wasting runes. Simply fast travel to a grace that is well out of the area (area as in the zone the map fills in when you pick it up; if you have a grace in another region, like Liurnia or something you can fast travel there to be extra certain you're not in his area of the map), rest until night there, leave the site of grace THEN fast travel back to the grace at his shack. He should be gone now. From here you can rest at his grace to lock your last grace as his if you die. From that point forward changing the time to night at this grace will spawn the boss as intended. This works for me every time this boss doesn't spawn in a location it's supposed to.

        • Anonymous

          By exhaust dialogue they mean buy out Bernahl's shop. Once you but everything you can then rest till nighttime, go into the shack, and the boss will spawn.

          • Anonymous

            Bell Bearing Hunter boss will spawn here at night. Easy to beat if you lure him east towards the camp where you can summon and punish him when your summon draws aggro.

            • Anonymous

              If the merchant isn't spawning after defeating the night time boss, the npc is in volcano manor. If there are no npcs in the manor, there should be a sword you can interact with for the ashes of war in the room with two adjacent doorways.

              • Anonymous

                For anyone that is looking for the ash of war merchant that doesn't appear anymore even after the night boss, the merchant is in volcano manor. If there are no more npcs in the manor, there is a sword you can interact with that is resting against a chair in the long room with two adjacent doorways.

                • Anonymous

                  I don't see anyone mentioning the boss that spawns here at night. If you come at night there is a secret boss. Only at night. Very strong. But come at night. For there is a knight, that spawns at night.

                  • Anonymous

                    Night boss drops a ball bearing that you can give to the twin husks (dead merchant near edge lord) at the round table. Lets you purchase thin and heafty bones.

                    • Anonymous

                      At midnight, if I rest once, a boss named in spanish Cazador de Esferas spawns there, has a heavy shield and a longsword that he can telepatically swing, no idea what he drops still.

                      • Anonymous

                        Some ****er spawned instead of him, ***** was using flying sword? Dunno what happened but some red phantom spawned

                        • Anonymous

                          I traveled to this location at night and it spawned an NPC enemy with a unique sword that drops when you defeat him

                          • Anonymous

                            I came here at night once and the warmaster was replaced with a strong boss (red color). haven't been able to recreate this. Anyone else?

                            • Anonymous

                              I fast traveled away then came back and the Npc was gone and in his place was a red Phantom eqsue knight covered in thorns who wielded a blade with telakinesis. Shortly after I died and respawned the enemy was gone and the knight Bernahl was there again

                              • A boss spawned here, to make it spawn I had to wait until night and rest once. entering the shack triggers him. He has a longsword and a heavy shield, he hits actually pretty had and has a long range, 2 grabs, a charge animation and 2 shield slam, I cheesed him around the chack throwing daggers, poison seems to work better than bleeding.

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