Perfumer's Grotto

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The perfumers of the Altus Plateau tend for their gardens, even when they are blighted beyond recovery

Perfumer's Grotto is a Location in Elden Ring. The Perfumer's Grotto is found in the Altus Plateau. It can be accessed by exploring the north side of the great bridge heading east into the capital.

From the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, head through the large set of doors and fight or avoid the Tree Sentinel by veering right. Drop off the stone path and keep your eye to the right and there should be a tunnel opening along the cliffs. This Tunnel is interconnected with the Altus Tunnel further to the north, but they are not necessarily mutually accessible. 


Perfumer's Grotto Map

Found in Altus Plateau, following the lower road east from Altus Highway Junction site of grace. See it on the Elden Ring Map. The entrance is guarded by a Giant Poison Flower.

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All NPCs and Merchants in Perfumer's Grotto

  • There are no NPCs in this area
  • There are no merchants in this area


All Items in Elden Ring's Perfumer's Grotto

Upgrade Materials

  • There are no upgrade materials in this location.


Equipment and Magic


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  •  Perfume Bottle


Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses


Perfumer's Grotto Walkthrough

Once you reach the entrance to the grotto, there will be a Site of Grace to take a rest. Continue through and once you reach a fork in the path where it drops down to the left, take the right tunnel so you wouldn't have to drop off to the left. This will take you to the same area. This is where you may encounter some perfumers and gain a chance to obtain some of the Perfumer Set, such as the Perfumer HoodPerfumer RobePerfumer GlovesPerfumer Sarong. There will also be a Giant Poison Flower in the vicinity.

 Check for loot under the platform on which you entered, there is an Altus Bloom there. Proceed to the next room to the right to find more of the same, there are two chests containing Living Jar Shards and a Perfume Bottle. Proceed to find a Malformed Star. Defeat it and continue over the log path to obtain Arteria Leaves and continue across the branches.  If you look down, there is an unreachable section of wooden platforms. This is part of the Altus Tunnel dungeon.

atlus tunnel perfumers grotto location elden ring wiki guide 600pxThis area seen from the log crossing is accessible from the Altus Tunnel. [Elden Ring Map Link]


There are various items and two Poison Flowers before the boss. Be prepared to fight an Omenkiller and Miranda the Blighted Bloom simultaneously. There will also be another Giant Poison Flower in the arena. 


Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Gallery and Notes

It makes sense to assume that this location is some sort of hideout for the poachers who attack Jarburg, hence the number of living jar shards the tarnished can find inside.



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    • Anonymous

      I hate to shatter the magical world of wonder and whimsy the writer of this article must be in but that “great bridge” is a huge stairway in our reality. The only great bridge in the Altus plateau is the broken one that sure as **** ain’t goin east into the capital.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting theory: there is a malformed star in this cave, and there is a falling star beast literally on the other side of the great road to Leyndell. Possibly this is a breeding ground for astel naturalborn?

        • Anonymous

          There just... doesn't really seem to be any reason to go here at all, unless you REALLY love using perfumes and need that bottle. Even the Great Omenkiller Cleaver can be obtained somewhere else as well, so unless you're desperate to dual-wield them, this dungeon really is kind of pointless.

          • Anonymous

            Spirit ashes will focus the flower and not the omen killer. So don't rely on them taking his agro right away, if at all until the flower dies.

            • Anonymous

              One omen killer, one boss variation of giant poison flower and one mob variation giant poison flower in a boss room together and the reward for that s**t-show is an Omen cleaver?
              Why would anyone bother crossing the fog to a boss fight like that ?

              • Anonymous

                I killed the malformed star in Altus tunnel. Then I went in perfumer's Grotto to get what I hoped was a high level smithing stone and it was f*cking grass.

                • Anonymous

                  The take from this boss is so poor, they attempt to sweeten the pot with a couple Rune 5's, miranda powder, and a single warming stone... pouring salt on our collective, time wasted wounds.
                  Farming... Yes. This is a good spot for budding cave moss.

                  • Anonymous

                    Interesting that this doesn't mention the Astel hanging out in the big hole before the boss. Stupid space ant monsters.

                    • Anonymous

                      What if The Boss was meant to drop Miranda's Prayer? Seems odd we get a cleaver, and that the files for the item are still in the game, completely useable

                      • Anonymous

                        I didn't have a Malformed Star in this grotto. Either it didn't spawn for me for some reason or it was removed in a patch.

                        • Anonymous

                          Damn, people here are getting upset about the boss loot being bad but this place is THE best spot for farming budding moss and miranda powder for perfumes, and you also get silver fireflies, crystal moss and poisonbloom to boot

                          • Anonymous

                            Only worth going to in order to realize you still have to go over to the actually useful side of the dungeon, aka Altus Tunnel.

                            • Anonymous

                              The latest update may have removed the wrong-warp potential with the grace here. Warping in from the Leyndell Divine Bridge set me a fair distance away from the actual grace, rather than on top. May need another user to confirm.

                              • Anonymous

                                Only true 'waste of time' dungeon Ive encountered yet. No good gear to get and the Omenkiller Cleaver is non-unique drop :(

                                • Anonymous

                                  This one was really a let down. I was hoping and expecting some perfumer-themed gear, maybe a recipe or a poison incantation or something, but all you get from the boss in an omen cleaver (and I already had one of those).

                                  My smelly perfumer build hopes were dashed :(

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If I knew this existed, with a Grace inside, it would've made life so much easier dealing with the Tree Sentinel duo

                                    • Anonymous

                                      For those looking how to get on 'the other side': you're probably looking for

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Entrance is located east of Altus Highway Junction site of grace, just north of the grand walkway against the cliff face. Look for a big poison flower enemy that's standing right in front of the opening to the cave.

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